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scam locksmiths and counterfeit keys

Posted on: October 25th, 2021 by Martin Pink

scam locksmiths

following our recent posts warning about scam locksmiths and counterfeit keys , seen in the below posts

How To Avoid Car key Scams

Genuine car keys v counterfeit keys v aftermarket keys

Due to us being outspoken about scam locksmiths and counterfeit keys

We have been subject to a number of fake 1 star reviews , most of which have been removed as obvious fake reviews , however a few remain at present.

though someone has decided to step this up, whether a scammer , competitor or seller of counterfeit keys they have stepped this up to a new level .

this has been stepped up to a life threatening and potentially lethal level by someone locally who no longer content with fake reviews wants to kill or maim .

the drivers side front tyre was slashed with what looks like a stanley knife on our service van.

scam locksmiths and counterfeit keys

the tyre was not cut full through , luckily it was spotted before the van went out onto the road and before anyone was hurt , potentially fataly.

Obviously this has been stepped up to become a police matter and added to the fake reviews is under investigation.

This shows the level these people will go to , would you trust them to work on your vehicle.

everyone needs to be aware how these people operate , also the lengths they are happy to go to .

this matter is now an ongoing investigation along with the fake reviews and in the best hands to deal with this.

replacement Hyundai keys in derby

Posted on: October 19th, 2021 by Martin Pink

Replacement Hyundai Keys in Derby

replacement hyundai keys derby

Today we were asked for replacement Hyundai keys in derby for a 2012 Hyundai i20 , all keys had been lost .

the customer had been let down by another service , who after an hour said the system was faulty and left .

We arrived at the vehicles location , 20 minutes later the customer had 2 new hyundai flip keys fully working and back on the road.

the missing keys deleted and security restored to the vehicle.

We dont mess around , we turn up when we say we will , we complete the job quickly and efficiently.

We work to high standards and fully guarantee our keys as you would expect .

Lost hyundai keys in derby is no problem , we supply replacement keys quickly and efficiently and normally same day .

if your keys are locked inside your vehicle we can gain entry to the vehicle very quickly with no damage at all to your car .

we stock a range of hyundai keys for all budgets , original hyundai keys as well as good quality aftermarket keys for hyundai vehicles.

booking is easy , either ring us on 01159843133 or if you prefer click on our online quote link and we will quote you by email .

we wont leave you stranded , if we say we will be there then we will , if we say we can do the job we can , we try to go the extra mile always .

whether you have lost all keys , have broken keys , put the keys through the washing machine or just want a spare key , we can help.

We supply replacement auto keys for most makes and model of car and van across the derbyshire area 7 days a week most weeks.

more details available on the auto keys we supply cut and program daily in derbyshire can be found at this link Replacement car keys derby



classic Lotus Elan

Posted on: October 15th, 2021 by Martin Pink

Classic Lotus Elan with lost keys

Today we made new keys for a classic Lotus Elan , this 1990 classic car was a beauty , excellent condition but no keys as lost .

The customer had rung around many auto locksmiths , but no one could help , so the customer ordered new keys from the main dealer.

The new keys arrived from the main dealer , sadly none of them fit the car , either dealer records were wrong , or the car has replacement locks.

The customer came to us to see if we could help but quite a distance away , we hate to see anyone stranded so attended.

we picked the locks , decoded them and cut new keys at the cars location , reuniting the owner with their pride and joy , getting this great classic back on the road where it belongs.

leaving the customer with working keys and the current key codes for their Classic lotus elan car .

Having over 20 years experience means we were working on these classic cars when they were not classics , so knew how to deal with these locks on such a prestige vehicle.

classic lotus elan

We can attend most makes , model and year of car or van and make new keys at the vehicle , both old and new vehicles alike , we will always do our best not to leave you stranded.

we can provide replacement car keys for most makes and models of car and van , check link here Lost Car Keys



Buying car keys online

Posted on: October 13th, 2021 by Martin Pink

Buying Car keys Online

Buying Car keys Online can be a minefield , so many pitfalls to consider before parting with your money and purchasing a car key via the web.

car keys online

The most common mistake many make is to buy a used key on the internet , why is this a mistake ?

by far the majority of modern car keys cannot be coded to another car , they are locked . Once coded to a car they can never be coded to another car.

So you have to know if a key can be reused on another car before you buy . Do not rely only on the sellers word for this.

when buying new keys online , you have no idea of that keys authenticity , many keys sold online are counterfeit keys from china.

Chinese keys will look the same as genuine keys , they are good at copying the look . Alot will have poor electronics and poor blades.

some keys will not program to your car , some keys will but will fail soon afterwards , some will be ok .

buying keys online can be a lottery .

The next problem you will encounter is finding someone willing to cut your key , also finding someone competent to program this key will not be easy.

Most auto locksmiths will only cut keys supplied by them or supplied by the main dealership.

Most auto locksmiths will only program keys supplied by them or supplied by the main dealership .

A common question asked , is , ” why wont auto locksmiths cut and program keys bought from the internet ”

lets break this down

  • many auto locksmiths will not cut internet purchased keys , one of the main reasons for this is , some china key blades are made from a hard alloy that can damage a locksmiths cutters. these electronic cutters are expensive , too expensive to risk .
  • another issue commonly experienced is that the blade is not the correct dimensions , after cutting the customer wont pay as key doesnt work and insists the locksmith replace it.
  • many auto locksmiths also wont program an internet key , many wont program or develop a fault soon after , customer blames the locksmith.

there are many valid reasons why an auto locksmith will not cut or program an internet bought key , with keys they supply or that are supplied by the main dealership , they know the blades are correct so cut them , they know the electronics are correct so they will program them.

Auto locksmiths and key cutters make their livings by supplying keys , many find it in bad taste that a customer wants them to cut , program and guarantee a key they have not supplied , ie, no one would dream of taking a frozen burger and a bun to macdonalds and ask them to cook it for them.

If intent on buying a key from the internet , then follow this advice ;

  • find someone willing to cut it before you buy
  • find someone willing to program it before you buy
  • check the sellers feedback for complaints
  • ensure the part you are buying is the correct part for the vehicle you buy it for

and always remember , not everything online is what it seems , for instance;

  • 2nd hand keys are unlikely to work on your car , some will , most wont.
  • some rogue sellers sell 2nd hand electronics in a new case , again some will work , most will not.
  • some new keys will be counterfeit products especially if sporting a manufacturer logo
  • some aftermarket keys will be very poor quality and may quickly fail

do your homework on the seller , ensure someone local is willing to cut and program the key , all before you buy.

want to know more on counterfeit keys then read here

Genuine car keys v counterfeit keys v aftermarket keys

Posted on: October 12th, 2021 by Martin Pink

Genuine car keys V counterfeit keys V aftermarket keys

genuine car keys v counterfeit keys v aftermarket keys , what are the differences and what makes a key a counterfeit key ?

In basic terms the differences are easily distinguished

  • genuine car key is a genuine part supplied by the manufacturer
  • aftermarket key is a non genuine part sold as an aftermarket key
  • counterfeit is a key thats passing off as genuine and breaches copywright

sounds simple but the reality is anything but simple , as normally all 3 keys will look alike , below is an original a counterfeit key and an aftermarket key

genuine car key counterfeit key aftermarket key

All look the same and all have the same markings on them , in reality you cannot easily tell them apart .

The first picture is an original key supplied by ford complete with logo , 2nd key is a counterfeit key , the 3rd key is the aftermarket key .

the aftermarket key and the counterfeit key in this case are the same remote brand , the 2nd key is only counterfeit as a manufacturer logo has been added to it to pass it off as a genuine key thus making it a counterfeit product. the 3rd key has no logo added so is not passing off.

on the front of the key all 3 keys will look alike as below image

original key

This explains the very basics of what constitutes a genuine key and aftermarket key and a counterfeit key , all may look identical , making it very hard to know what you are choosing .

It then gets complicated further , there are very different grades of aftermarket and counterfeit keys , the chinese have become experts in product copying , they will always look like real , yet inside they differ alot in quality. different qualities of aftermarket keys exist from china , very very cheap right up to almost same price as a genuine part with plenty in between.

some aftermarket and counterfeit keys will fail straight from the packet , some will fail over a short period , and some will give good service , it will normally come down to the grade of key thats been supplied , the cheaper the key the less likely it is to be reliable as with anything in life.

when a quote is too good to be true , it often is . online selling sites , and many dirt cheap suppliers will happily sell you a key they know is not fit for purpose , you think you have a bargain , the reality is often very different and you end up out of pocket as plenty do not honour guarantees.

how can the guy on market place be £80 cheaper than a legit business on a key that looks the same ?

  • the legit business will only supply you a part that they know is genuine or a proven reliable aftermarket part
  • The legit business must obey consumer law and guarantee the part they sell you for 12 months regardless whether genuine or aftermarket and honour their guarantee
  • The legit business will always give you an invoice/reciept for your purchase
  • The legit business must pay taxes , import duties and trade legally
  • the legit business must have relevent expensive insurances to cover them working on your car should the worst happen
  • the legit business will use mainstream safe diagnostics
  • the legit business will have additional insurance to work on your vehicle at the roadside

The non legit outfit often differs greatly , as to offer you their bargain price they must cut some corners and some costs

  • the non legit will use the cheapest key part they can buy and the least reliable
  • the non legit dont care about consumer law and guarantees , they change their trading name and number every few months so dont need to worry about guarantees
  • the non legit will give no invoice/reciept or a fake one
  • the non legit wont be paying taxes and duties
  • the non legit will either not have insurances or wont have adequate insurances to work on vehicles at the roadside
  • the non legit will use the cheapest counterfeit diagnostics known as clones or low grade diagnostics , not their problem if they damage your car

Like with genuine keys and aftermarket keys , their are huge differences between legit suppliers and non legit suppliers . just as different keys have different quality the same is true for your supplier .

so choose carefully , as that bargain isnt always the bargain you thought it was.

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How To Avoid Car key Scams

Posted on: October 11th, 2021 by Martin Pink

How To Avoid Car Key Scams

Every advert you see online will look genuine , claim to be an expert auto locksmith and claim to be an established professional service , sadly not all is as it seems online , so how to avoid the car key scams ?

how to avoid car key scams

lets first look at some of the common traits of the scammers ;

1) most advertise with only a mobile phone number and rarely advertise a land line number 

Not every advert listing only a mobile number will be a scam , some small business do only advertise with a mobile number , so you cant assume that every mobile number is a scam.

but the way the scammers operate is they advertise on mediums such as market place and selling pages with just a mobile number , the number will be to a pay as you go sim card .

when needed every few months the number is changed  and a new number listed.

its harsh to say avoid all mobile numbers , but using mobile numbers makes it hard to tell the difference between legit services and scammers.

2) no checkable address available

no address is listed for their business name , in the rare scenario an address is available then a simple check on google will help verify if genuine or not.

the way the scammers operate is to lure you in with very cheap prices , often too good to be true prices , the old saying of if its too good to be true then it probably isnt true. below is the way they operate

  • advertise with mobile number only and no verifiable address
  • they thrive on market place and in local selling pages and groups
  • they will lure you in with very cheap prices
  • they rarely give valid invoices or reciepts
  • they supply only the cheapest chinese copy and counterfeit keys
  • there trading name will not exist with inland revenue or authorities
  • there trading name and number will change on a regular basis

You will be promised on the phone 12 months guarantee , but when it comes down to it they wont honour these guarantees.

so how can you avoid these scams ?

  • do not use a service that only lists a mobile number without verifying business name exists and has a verifiable address
  • if the quote is far cheaper than anything else you have had then alarm bells should ring
  • always insist on an invoice/reciept , ensure reciept contains a verifiable address and phone number
  • insist the reciept states the type of key supplied , ie genuine or aftermarket
  • insist the reciept states in writting the guarantee period of your purchase
  • always use google to verify address and trading name is legitimate before booking or parting with any money , or verify with local HMRC office if a legit business
  • always try to pay by card , scam services will always push for cash , as limited come back , use card payment if you can.

these simple checks can prevent you falling foul of a scam , they are not perfect but will certainly help limit the risk.

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Programming car keys

Posted on: October 7th, 2021 by Martin Pink

Programming Auto keys

Plenty of miles covered today programming car keys in Nottingham , Loughborough and Derby areas , keeping east midlands motorists driving.

Today we programmed replacement mercedes keys to a 2016 mercedes sprinter in nottingham

programming car keys

Following this we programmed a replacement car key to a vauxhall zafiera in nottingham

vauxhall car keys nottingham

then a trip into the country side to program a ford tranist key in derby

ford transit key derby

our day then took us to loughborough where we following lost keys we programmed new keys to a citroen berlingo van

car key programming loughborough

our final job today brought us back to Nottinghamshire where we programmed new car keys to a seat leaon

car keys programmed

This was our day today up until 4.30pm , now we wait for the evening emergency calls , where we are waiting to respond.

Being a fully mobile service , we offer car key programming across nottingham , leicester and derby on a daily basis .

What ever your car key programming needs , we have a service for you offering original car keys as well as cheaper aftermarket keys as well.

Booking is simple , call our main office on 01159843133 

or fill in an online quote form on this page for an online quote.

car key programming derby , car key programming nottingham and car key programming loughborough is all in a days work.

Replacement mercedes Sprinter keys

Posted on: October 6th, 2021 by Martin Pink

Replacement  Mercedes Sprinter Keys

Nottingham Car keys specialise in replacement mercedes sprinter keys across the nottinghamshire area as well as in leicester and derby .

Today we supplied 2 new infra red mercedes dash keys for a 2007 mercedes sprinter van in one quick visit .

replacement mercedes sprinter keys

Replacement mercedes sprinter keys are always in stock , 2 new keys supplied complete with cut bypass keys .

We supply replacement car keys in nottingham leicester and derby areas on a daily basis , not just on mercedes but on most makes and model of car and van.

getting a quote for a spare mercedes key couldnt be easier , simply call us on 01159843133 

if you prefer you can use the online quote form from the link on this page and recieve your quote online.

Nottingham car keys supply cut and program spare keys as well and can replace most lost keys quickly and efficiently , normally same day.

car key replacements and van key replacements are in stock for a fast service, we work 7 days a week most weeks.

everyone asks for replacement car keys near me , being a mobile service we can always come to you in Nottingham , leicester or derby.

we are also vehicle entry specialists , we pick locks so no damage is caused .

Keys locked in boot of mercedes

Posted on: October 4th, 2021 by Martin Pink

Keys locked in boot of a mercedes

We recieved a call for a mercedes car with keys locked in the boot , the customers recovery company have tried for 90 minutes to get in , but couldnt retrieve the keys in the boot .

No problem , we attended the vehicle and picked open the boot lock , quickly retrieving the keys from the boot , the job took under 5 minutes to complete.

Reuniting a very happy customer with their mercedes keys .

We specialise in fast vehicle entry with no damage to the vehicle or the locks .

our technicians are fully have all the necessary lock picks and tools to gain entry to most makes model and year of vehicles.

We attend auto entry jobs 7 days a week even out of normal hours .

keys locked in boot of mercedes is no problem to our experienced auto locksmiths .

to get a quote or to book in , simply call 01159843133 or click on the online quote link and we will respond quickly.

keys locked in boot of mercedes

Nottingham car keys , the local specialist in gaining entry to locked cars with keys inside , we offer vehicle opening across Nottingham Leicester and Derby areas, we respond very fast and once at the vehicle open the vehicle in minutes of arrival.


Car key Replacement Nottingham

Posted on: October 2nd, 2021 by Martin Pink

Replacement car keys nottingham

Car Key replacement Nottingham , Nottingham car keys replace lost car keys in Nottingham .

Our customers handbag was stolen in the town center during a night out , the handbag contains the only key for the customers  2008 Audi TT car.

car key replaced nottingham

We attended the customers address , picked open the vehicle , decoded the cars locks then cut and programmed new keys , deleted the missing keys so they no longer start the vehicle.

in just 1 visit to the car we completed this car key replacement nottingham in under 40 minutes , the customer now has 2 new remote keys for her audi TT and security of the vehicle has been restored as the old missing keys have been deleted and can no longer start the car.

Replacing lost car keys in Nottingham is what we do , we can replace lost or stolen car keys on most makes and models of car and van , normally on the same day or the next day , we come to the vehicles location and complete all work at the roadside , so no recovery fees to pay .

We also replace lost car keys in derby , leicester and loughborough areas as well and still on our same day or next day service.

Booking or getting a quote is simple , either telephone our office on 01159843133 or simply click on the online quote link and we can quote you by email or book you in online too.

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