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Buying car keys online

Posted on: October 13th, 2021 by Martin Pink

Buying Car keys Online

Buying Car keys Online can be a minefield , so many pitfalls to consider before parting with your money and purchasing a car key via the web.

car keys online

The most common mistake many make is to buy a used key on the internet , why is this a mistake ?

by far the majority of modern car keys cannot be coded to another car , they are locked . Once coded to a car they can never be coded to another car.

So you have to know if a key can be reused on another car before you buy . Do not rely only on the sellers word for this.

when buying new keys online , you have no idea of that keys authenticity , many keys sold online are counterfeit keys from china.

Chinese keys will look the same as genuine keys , they are good at copying the look . Alot will have poor electronics and poor blades.

some keys will not program to your car , some keys will but will fail soon afterwards , some will be ok .

buying keys online can be a lottery .

The next problem you will encounter is finding someone willing to cut your key , also finding someone competent to program this key will not be easy.

Most auto locksmiths will only cut keys supplied by them or supplied by the main dealership.

Most auto locksmiths will only program keys supplied by them or supplied by the main dealership .

A common question asked , is , ” why wont auto locksmiths cut and program keys bought from the internet ”

lets break this down

  • many auto locksmiths will not cut internet purchased keys , one of the main reasons for this is , some china key blades are made from a hard alloy that can damage a locksmiths cutters. these electronic cutters are expensive , too expensive to risk .
  • another issue commonly experienced is that the blade is not the correct dimensions , after cutting the customer wont pay as key doesnt work and insists the locksmith replace it.
  • many auto locksmiths also wont program an internet key , many wont program or develop a fault soon after , customer blames the locksmith.

there are many valid reasons why an auto locksmith will not cut or program an internet bought key , with keys they supply or that are supplied by the main dealership , they know the blades are correct so cut them , they know the electronics are correct so they will program them.

Auto locksmiths and key cutters make their livings by supplying keys , many find it in bad taste that a customer wants them to cut , program and guarantee a key they have not supplied , ie, no one would dream of taking a frozen burger and a bun to macdonalds and ask them to cook it for them.

If intent on buying a key from the internet , then follow this advice ;

  • find someone willing to cut it before you buy
  • find someone willing to program it before you buy
  • check the sellers feedback for complaints
  • ensure the part you are buying is the correct part for the vehicle you buy it for

and always remember , not everything online is what it seems , for instance;

  • 2nd hand keys are unlikely to work on your car , some will , most wont.
  • some rogue sellers sell 2nd hand electronics in a new case , again some will work , most will not.
  • some new keys will be counterfeit products especially if sporting a manufacturer logo
  • some aftermarket keys will be very poor quality and may quickly fail

do your homework on the seller , ensure someone local is willing to cut and program the key , all before you buy.

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