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Can You Trust An Auto Locksmith

Posted on: December 11th, 2015 by Martin Pink

when commissioning an auto locksmith to come out and cut and code new keys to your car , you do so in the belief that they are trustworthy and experienced as well as properly equipped and insured to work on your vehicle .

You would at least expect the to be ;

  1. experienced
  2. properly insured to work on your vehicle
  3. to have original tried and tested dealer level equipment
  4. legitimate business where all products and services are properly invoiced and guaranteed
  5. To supply OEM original parts or alternative guaranteed aftermarket parts

This is the least as a customer that you should expect , however ours is a totally unregulated industry where scammers and the like can ply their trade , the truth is somewhat different to you may expect , for instance ;

  1. many who trade have no more than a weeks training , some have no formal training at all 
  2. many have no business insurances at all , some have inadequate insurances that doesnt cover them to work on cars , meaning that you would have no legal recourse in the event of damage caused or injury caused .
  3. many do not use bona fide programming equipment , many use cheap chinese counterfeit equipment that can damage a vehicle in the worst scenario 
  4. many are also not legitimate businesses who dont pay taxes , dont offer or honour guarantees , give no invoices and as such no consumer protection.
  5. Many by counterfeit copy keys from china that are far from fit for purpose despite looking real 

We understand that in current times , everyone seeks out a bargain , we know by the requests we recieve that many customers themselves ask for a cash in hand job , No legitimate business would risk their entire livelyhood on offering cash in hand jobs , in fact if offered a cash in hand job be very careful indeed as you will have no consumer protection and no idea if the person you are dealing with is legitimate and insured .

For a business to offer you a cash in hand job with no reciepts , not only do you risk your own rights and protections , but you also help them commit an ilegal act , no legitimate business would risk any legal action with the law or the HMRC or the vat , so booking such a service is not only foolhardy but also against the law.

Beware of counterfeit keys and remotes , the likes of ebay are full of such products , many wont work for long , you will struggle to get legitimate businesses to work on them for you and you may end up out of pocket when they go wrong , which in many cases they will .

What can you do to ensure you get a good auto locksmith that you can trust

  1. ensure they are insured
  2. ensure they have been trading for a long period of time
  3. ensure they are a legitimate business
  4. always make sure you get a headed invoice reciept , that states genuine or aftermarket parts , states full cost , states guarantee and warranty period

following this simple advice you will have redress if things do go wrong , will help ensure you are not a victim of a scammer , and will go someway to ensure you have chosen a legitimate business .

not following this advice and opting for the cheap cash in hand option , often ends in tears or costs far more in the long run .

if offered a cheap cash in hand job , then report the company involved to HMRC or trading standards , as they are of no benefit to you or this trade in general.

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