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Cheap isnt always the best option

Posted on: November 30th, 2015 by Martin Pink

Cheap isnt always the best option , We resolved an emergency situation for a customer today where another service had attended an Audi A4 to supply a cheap cash in hand spare key , this resulted in a dashboard error leaving the customers car stranded and unable to start on even the original key that was working previously , the dealer quote to repair this ran into 4 figures , the customer had no reciept and no comeback on the service they used .

we attended and resolved the emergency , reinstated the dashboard and coded a spare key for the customer for far less than quoted , but significantly more than it would have cost for us to supply a spare key in the first place .

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So a warning to unsuspecting and overly trusting customers , never opt for a cash in hand job on your vehicle , never book a car key job that isnt properly invoiced and guaranteed , and always ensure your service provider is properly insured to work on your car and uses genuine reliable diagnostic equipment .

Legitimate businesses do not offer cash in hand jobs , legitimate business pay a small fortune for the correct equipment and correct insurances for their customers protection , legitimate businesses pay their vat and taxes and offer a reliable service thats completed to a high standard with a full 12 month warranty , the cheap cash in hand service offers no warranty and all risks and consequences are down to you , so cheap isnt always a benefit , the old saying of if its too good to be true , then it probably is , is very true indeed .

Nottingham car keys only use the best genuine dealer level equipment , trained and fully insured technicians , all jobs without exception are invoiced and guaranteed by our full 12 month warranty , we never undermine our customers nor our own business or reputation , we believe the industry should clamp down on such cowboy operators that offer cash in hand bodge jobs .

cheap isnt always the best option , cheap cash in hand jobs can often cost far more.

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