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classic Lotus Elan

Posted on: October 15th, 2021 by Martin Pink

Classic Lotus Elan with lost keys

Today we made new keys for a classic Lotus Elan , this 1990 classic car was a beauty , excellent condition but no keys as lost .

The customer had rung around many auto locksmiths , but no one could help , so the customer ordered new keys from the main dealer.

The new keys arrived from the main dealer , sadly none of them fit the car , either dealer records were wrong , or the car has replacement locks.

The customer came to us to see if we could help but quite a distance away , we hate to see anyone stranded so attended.

we picked the locks , decoded them and cut new keys at the cars location , reuniting the owner with their pride and joy , getting this great classic back on the road where it belongs.

leaving the customer with working keys and the current key codes for their Classic lotus elan car .

Having over 20 years experience means we were working on these classic cars when they were not classics , so knew how to deal with these locks on such a prestige vehicle.

classic lotus elan

We can attend most makes , model and year of car or van and make new keys at the vehicle , both old and new vehicles alike , we will always do our best not to leave you stranded.

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