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Ford Car Keys & Ford Remote Keys

Ford remotes

lost ford car keys , replacement ford car keys

Ford Auto Keys and remotes 1995 to current models

We carry huge stocks of all ford car keys and Ford remote Keys including

Ford flip Keys , Ford remote keys , ford keyless go keys and standard non remote ford keys

we can normally offer a same day fast efficient service to supply cut and program new keys and remotes to your ford vehicle

from Ford Keys In Nottingham to ford keys leicester and Ford Keys In Derby  even when all keys are lost

Nottingham car keys offers ford car keys Nottingham , Ford car keys in loughborough , ford car keys leicester and ford car keys derby

including an out of hours emergency service 7 days a week most weeks.

Our Locksmiths are properly equipped with dealer level equipment, highly trained and CRB vetted

our locksmiths are also properly and fully insured to work on motor vehicles, many who advertise are not.

The experienced auto locksmith will complete a lost Ford key job in under 30 minutes normally

and on the same day as booked, no waiting and no down time.

We can offer a number of solutions for most Ford vehicles, from a budget to a premium service, some of the keys we offer are;

Original OEM Ford remote keys , 2 and 3 button remote and flip remote keys
Original OEM Ford proximity keys
Our own brand after market Ford flip keys
Standard chipped non remote keys

ford car keys nottingham

New 2009 onwards Ford KA remote keys and standard keys

ford ka key

Nottingham car keys are one of the few reliable  auto locksmith services

that carry in stock both remote keys for the new 2009 onwards Ford KA which is a rebadged fiat 500 vehicle

even when all keys are lost we can normally offer a swift same day solution for replacement ford ka keys .

ford ka flip key

We carry in stock OEM original Ford KA flip keys as well as a range of fully guaranteed aftermarket Ford ka flip keys

we offer a fast and hassle free service often a same day service whether you require a spare ford ka flip key

or all keys have been lost and you need replacement ford ka remote keys .

How Do We Differ and Save You Money Compared to Main Dealer?

Most main dealers will want you to get the vehicle to them, difficult when all keys are lost

so can involve a substantial recovery bill. Unlike the Dealer, we come to the cars location and do all work on site in 1 quick visit

saving you these expensive recovery costs.

Some main dealers will tell you that they need to change the complete lock set in order to provide new keys, at a high cost of up to £400.

We will pick and decode your current lock set and cut new keys for it, again saving you the cost of a new lock set.

Dealers are unlikely to be able to offer you a same day service, we can almost always offer a quick same day service.

Services Available for Ford Car keys

We offer a number of same day services for Ford keys, these include;

Replacement Ford keys

When all keys are lost or stolen, our experienced locksmiths will pick and then decode your vehicle’s lock,

then cut your chosen correct key type and program it to the vehicle.

Also, during the programming process, our technicians can erase any lost or stolen keys

so they will no longer start your vehicle, improving your vehicle’s security.

Same-day services for:

  • Replacement Ford Keys Nottingham
  • Replacement Ford Keys Derby
  • Replacement Ford Keys Loughborough
  • Replacement Ford Keys Leicester
  • As well as Replacement Ford Keys Newark, Replacement Ford Keys Southwell, and Replacement Ford Keys Swadlincote

We offer Replacement Ford Car Keys, Replacement Ford Remote Keys as well as Replacement Ford Flip Keys. We can even upgrade your existing Ford Remote Key to a Ford Flip Key.

Lost Ford Keys

Even if all ford keys or all ford remote keys are lost or stolen , we have a fast same day service

our skilled technicians will come to your car , pick and decode your vehicles lock

then supply cut and also program new keys to the car whilst deleting the missing keys from the cars system

we offer this service 7 days a week , lost ford car key services we offer include ;

Lost ford keys Nottingham , Lost Ford keys derby , lost ford keys leicester , lost ford keys loughborough and lost ford keys newark

lost ford keys southwell , lost ford keys swadlincote and lost ford keys burton on trent .

We can replace Lost Ford Car Keys same day in most cases , including ;

Lost Ford car keys , Lost Ford Remote Keys and Lost Ford Flip Keys .

Broken Ford keys and remotes

We can remove broken keys from locks, cut and fit new key blades to your existing remote

replace and reprogram broken transponder chips and remotes, all in 1 quick same day service.

ford keys nottingham , ford remote key nottingham

Spare Car keys

We can supply and program spare keys for your vehicle very quickly and efficiently as well as being affordable.

Gaining Non Destructive entry

We can pick open and gain entry to all Ford vehicles, completely damage free and normally in well under 5 minutes.

Ford Vehicle Models we can cover for you

Ford Courier keys , Ford Couger keys , Ford c max keys , Ford escort keys and Ford Fiesta keys

Also Ford Focus keys , Ford Fusion keys , Ford KA keys , Ford Kuger keys , Ford Maverick keys and Ford Mondeo keys

as well as Ford Puma keys , Ford S max keys , Ford Transit keys and Ford Transit connect keys .

No matter what model of Ford vehicle you have

we can offer a simple and affordable same day service for all makes and models.

FAQ about Ford Keys including Hints and tips

Q : my ford 3 button remote has stopped working , whats wrong with it and do I need a new remote ?

A: if the remote is broken , then yes you will need a new one , we can supply this and program it for you same day 

however , the remote may just need a simple resynch

simply follow the below process for ford cars using the 3 button remote ;

1) insert the key into the ignition

2) switch ignition fully on and off 4 times within 6 seconds ending in the off position

3) the dashboard will chime

4) press any button on the remote and the dashboard will chime again

5) switch ignition on and off once and remove key from ignition

remote if not faulty will now work normally .

for transit vehicles up to 2006 it is a different procedure , so for transit vans up to 2006 follow this procedure

1) insert key into ignition and switch on

2) switch ignition off and on 8 times ending in the on position

3) the door locks will cycle

4) press any button on the remote , the doors will cycle again

5) switch ignition off and remove key

your transit remote will now work normally if not faulty .

Ford Car Keys At Nottingham Car Keys

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