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Genuine car keys v counterfeit keys v aftermarket keys

Posted on: October 12th, 2021 by Martin Pink

Genuine car keys V counterfeit keys V aftermarket keys

genuine car keys v counterfeit keys v aftermarket keys , what are the differences and what makes a key a counterfeit key ?

In basic terms the differences are easily distinguished

  • genuine car key is a genuine part supplied by the manufacturer
  • aftermarket key is a non genuine part sold as an aftermarket key
  • counterfeit is a key thats passing off as genuine and breaches copywright

sounds simple but the reality is anything but simple , as normally all 3 keys will look alike , below is an original a counterfeit key and an aftermarket key

genuine car key counterfeit key aftermarket key

All look the same and all have the same markings on them , in reality you cannot easily tell them apart .

The first picture is an original key supplied by ford complete with logo , 2nd key is a counterfeit key , the 3rd key is the aftermarket key .

the aftermarket key and the counterfeit key in this case are the same remote brand , the 2nd key is only counterfeit as a manufacturer logo has been added to it to pass it off as a genuine key thus making it a counterfeit product. the 3rd key has no logo added so is not passing off.

on the front of the key all 3 keys will look alike as below image

original key

This explains the very basics of what constitutes a genuine key and aftermarket key and a counterfeit key , all may look identical , making it very hard to know what you are choosing .

It then gets complicated further , there are very different grades of aftermarket and counterfeit keys , the chinese have become experts in product copying , they will always look like real , yet inside they differ alot in quality. different qualities of aftermarket keys exist from china , very very cheap right up to almost same price as a genuine part with plenty in between.

some aftermarket and counterfeit keys will fail straight from the packet , some will fail over a short period , and some will give good service , it will normally come down to the grade of key thats been supplied , the cheaper the key the less likely it is to be reliable as with anything in life.

when a quote is too good to be true , it often is . online selling sites , and many dirt cheap suppliers will happily sell you a key they know is not fit for purpose , you think you have a bargain , the reality is often very different and you end up out of pocket as plenty do not honour guarantees.

how can the guy on market place be £80 cheaper than a legit business on a key that looks the same ?

  • the legit business will only supply you a part that they know is genuine or a proven reliable aftermarket part
  • The legit business must obey consumer law and guarantee the part they sell you for 12 months regardless whether genuine or aftermarket and honour their guarantee
  • The legit business will always give you an invoice/reciept for your purchase
  • The legit business must pay taxes , import duties and trade legally
  • the legit business must have relevent expensive insurances to cover them working on your car should the worst happen
  • the legit business will use mainstream safe diagnostics
  • the legit business will have additional insurance to work on your vehicle at the roadside

The non legit outfit often differs greatly , as to offer you their bargain price they must cut some corners and some costs

  • the non legit will use the cheapest key part they can buy and the least reliable
  • the non legit dont care about consumer law and guarantees , they change their trading name and number every few months so dont need to worry about guarantees
  • the non legit will give no invoice/reciept or a fake one
  • the non legit wont be paying taxes and duties
  • the non legit will either not have insurances or wont have adequate insurances to work on vehicles at the roadside
  • the non legit will use the cheapest counterfeit diagnostics known as clones or low grade diagnostics , not their problem if they damage your car

Like with genuine keys and aftermarket keys , their are huge differences between legit suppliers and non legit suppliers . just as different keys have different quality the same is true for your supplier .

so choose carefully , as that bargain isnt always the bargain you thought it was.

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