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How To Avoid Car key Scams

Posted on: October 11th, 2021 by Martin Pink

How To Avoid Car Key Scams

Every advert you see online will look genuine , claim to be an expert auto locksmith and claim to be an established professional service , sadly not all is as it seems online , so how to avoid the car key scams ?

how to avoid car key scams

lets first look at some of the common traits of the scammers ;

1) most advertise with only a mobile phone number and rarely advertise a land line number 

Not every advert listing only a mobile number will be a scam , some small business do only advertise with a mobile number , so you cant assume that every mobile number is a scam.

but the way the scammers operate is they advertise on mediums such as market place and selling pages with just a mobile number , the number will be to a pay as you go sim card .

when needed every few months the number is changed  and a new number listed.

its harsh to say avoid all mobile numbers , but using mobile numbers makes it hard to tell the difference between legit services and scammers.

2) no checkable address available

no address is listed for their business name , in the rare scenario an address is available then a simple check on google will help verify if genuine or not.

the way the scammers operate is to lure you in with very cheap prices , often too good to be true prices , the old saying of if its too good to be true then it probably isnt true. below is the way they operate

  • advertise with mobile number only and no verifiable address
  • they thrive on market place and in local selling pages and groups
  • they will lure you in with very cheap prices
  • they rarely give valid invoices or reciepts
  • they supply only the cheapest chinese copy and counterfeit keys
  • there trading name will not exist with inland revenue or authorities
  • there trading name and number will change on a regular basis

You will be promised on the phone 12 months guarantee , but when it comes down to it they wont honour these guarantees.

so how can you avoid these scams ?

  • do not use a service that only lists a mobile number without verifying business name exists and has a verifiable address
  • if the quote is far cheaper than anything else you have had then alarm bells should ring
  • always insist on an invoice/reciept , ensure reciept contains a verifiable address and phone number
  • insist the reciept states the type of key supplied , ie genuine or aftermarket
  • insist the reciept states in writting the guarantee period of your purchase
  • always use google to verify address and trading name is legitimate before booking or parting with any money , or verify with local HMRC office if a legit business
  • always try to pay by card , scam services will always push for cash , as limited come back , use card payment if you can.

these simple checks can prevent you falling foul of a scam , they are not perfect but will certainly help limit the risk.

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