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How To choose a skilled auto entry specialist

Posted on: May 16th, 2013 by Martin Pink

Finding a skilled auto locksmith in todays market is not as easy as you may think , with so many self taught people , people whos only experience is a 1 week or less training course and so many scammers advertising as skilled auto locksmiths , its often difficult to separate the true tradesmen adverts from the inexperienced or the scammers that are flooding this industry .

here are some tips on minimising the risk and maximising your chances of getting a true skilled tradesmen .

If you have locked your cars in your boot or in your car , then always ask the following questions ;

1) ask if they require you to sign a disclaimer against damage , if they do then avoid , if not then they take responsibility for what they do .

2) ask if they will pick the lock open or if they intend using airbags , a skilled tradesmen will pick the locks

3) ask how long it will take

A true tradesmen may not always be the cheapest option , but they will always be the safest option

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