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How to Manually reprogram your ford 3 button remote

Posted on: May 29th, 2013 by Martin Pink

We get many calls from customers who after a flat battery find that there ford remote has stopped working , This can sometimes be a broken remote that needs replacing , but more often it just needs a resynch to the car , you do not need an auto locksmith for this as a simple manual procedure you can do yourself in seconds .

If this happens to you simply follow the following procedure ;

1) insert key into ignition

2) switch ignition on to position 2 then off to “0” 4 times within 6 seconds ending in off position , so on/off on/off . on/off , on/off

3) the dashboard should chime

4) press any button on the remote , the dash will chime again

5) turn ignition on and off once

Now test remote , it should be working fine again if not faulty .

Fot transit vans up to 2006 there is a different process , for transit up to 2006 follow this procedure ;

1) insert the key into the ignition

2) turn ignition on

3) now turn ignition off and on again 8 times ending in the on position

4) the door locks will cycle once

5) press any button on the remote , the door locks will cycle again once

6) turn ignition off and remove key

Now test the remote , it should now function as normal.

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