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Nottingham Car Keys

Keys Locked In Boot Of 2004 Ford Focus

Posted on: January 28th, 2019 by Martin Pink

we have just attended a customer who had their keys locked inside the boot of their ford focus and needed to return to London .

yesterday they had the recovery service out who failed to gain entry so booked them a visit from another locksmith in Nottingham , the locksmith failed to gain entry stating that the drivers door lock was not correctly aligned and was broken internally so couldnt be opened , also that the boot lock was siezed solid and couldnt be opened either and left .

the customer called Nottingham car keys , our auto locksmith attended this morning and picked the lock open in under 30 seconds to get a happy customer back on their long journey home .

both locks were in full working order with nothing wrong with either lock , had they called us yesterday they would have been on their way home yesterday , without the unnecessary worry that their locks were broken which was not the case .

Always pays to select a skilled auto locksmith in such situations , Nottingham car keys simply get the job done .

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