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Lost Car Keys Replaced Same Or Next Day

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We get called to more lost vehicle keys jobs than any other, lost car keys replaced on same day normally by our skilled auto locksmith

people lose their keys in many situations, the most common being;

1) Dropped whilst walking the dog
2) Fell out of pocket doing activities and on theme park rides
3) Dog ate them or chewed them to pieces
4) Toddlers love keys and love playing with them, but often hide them in the strangest places, and never remember where.
5) Left them somewhere

keys Are easily misplaced

The fact is keys get misplaced or lost on a daily basis, in an ideal world its not an emergency and you can use the spare

however, this isn’t an ideal world and many do not have a spare key, so its now become an emergency.

Lost keys are no problem to us, we deal with this every day of the year

and we can normally resolve your emergency within an hour of arrival on site , often in 30 minutes of arrival.

We are proud of the high skill level of our locksmiths

they will attend your vehicle in our fully equipped service vans, they will pick open your lock damage free

then decode it to work out the keys cutting pattern, they will then cut new keys to your vehicles locks

they then program these to your car, you are now mobile again.

We understand that when situations like toddlers hiding keys are the case

you may want to keep these keys active , this isn’t possible with all vehicles

but where it is we offer you the choice of leaving the key active or deleting it from the cars memory

so it no longer starts the car, we give you this choice.


Lost keys Replaced

We offer services including Lost Car Keys in Derby offering same day service in most cases ,Lost Car keys Nottingham

We also offer  lost car keys Loughborough services as well as Lost Car Keys in Leicester

also same day  service is available in most cases as we carry extensive car key stocks .

Unlike dealers, we can resolve most lost key emergencies same day in one short visit

meaning no recovery charges and no downtime.

So No matter what your lost key emergency

we normally have a same day solution to offer you thats fast, efficient and affordable.

we cover

lost car keys nottingham , lost keys clifton , lost car key newark , replacement car keys nottinghamshire and replacement car keys leicester

as well as Replacement Car Keys Derby  and  replacement car keys in loughborough .

Programming keys for cars and vans is what we do day in and day out , our service is fast and efficient.

Do you want to know more about the replacement car key cost? Call on 01159843133 or fill in our online quote. Get in touch with us today!

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