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My VW wont start immobiliser light is flashing

Posted on: September 10th, 2013 by Martin Pink

we get plenty of calls from customers who after a flat battery , there key has stopped starting the car and the immobiliser light just flashes .

plenty of these calls are when recovery technicians tell the customer that its the key at fault and it needs programming , this is incorrect !

due to the flat battery or electrical fault , the car is confused and unsure of correct key , the solution is simple and can be done yourself at no cost , simply follow the following reset procedure ;

1) insert a programmed key into ignition

2) switch ignition on to position 2 and dash lights up

3) leave switched on for 35 minutes

4) after 35 minutes switch off ignition and remove key

the key should now work.

if this doesnt work then a hard battery reset may be required .

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