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scam locksmiths and counterfeit keys

Posted on: October 25th, 2021 by Martin Pink

scam locksmiths

following our recent posts warning about scam locksmiths and counterfeit keys , seen in the below posts

How To Avoid Car key Scams

Genuine car keys v counterfeit keys v aftermarket keys

Due to us being outspoken about scam locksmiths and counterfeit keys

We have been subject to a number of fake 1 star reviews , most of which have been removed as obvious fake reviews , however a few remain at present.

though someone has decided to step this up, whether a scammer , competitor or seller of counterfeit keys they have stepped this up to a new level .

this has been stepped up to a life threatening and potentially lethal level by someone locally who no longer content with fake reviews wants to kill or maim .

the drivers side front tyre was slashed with what looks like a stanley knife on our service van.

scam locksmiths and counterfeit keys

the tyre was not cut full through , luckily it was spotted before the van went out onto the road and before anyone was hurt , potentially fataly.

Obviously this has been stepped up to become a police matter and added to the fake reviews is under investigation.

This shows the level these people will go to , would you trust them to work on your vehicle.

everyone needs to be aware how these people operate , also the lengths they are happy to go to .

this matter is now an ongoing investigation along with the fake reviews and in the best hands to deal with this.

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