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Stolen Car Keys

Stolen Car keys has become far more of a problem in recent times, this is due largely to 2 factors, the first being the current economic times and secondly due to the value of modern vehicle keys and their high resale value.

Due to the increase in stolen car keys, we have taken the stance that we will not program any keys bought second hand online, from ebay or any online seller, as purchases of such keys helps fuel the stolen key trade, as it is impossible to tell which 2nd hand keys are genuine and which are proceeds of theft, we wont program any of them. We only program keys bought from us or purchased from a main dealer and supported with a main dealer reciept.

We urge customers to take good care of their car keys, and to consider taking advantage of the various car key insurance policies that exist from providers such as AA, Boomerang and many insurers. protect your keys by following these simple steps;

1) Never hand over your keys to an untrusted 3rd party , car wash etc
2) Never leave your keys in site of open windows and letterboxes
3) Never leave keys on your desk etc unattended
4) Always ensure you have your keys when walking away from your car
5) Take you keys to bed or hide them when not in use

Although we urge all customers to take care of their keys and to always have a spare key, we understand that its not an ideal world and many fall foul to stolen keys, so we offer a quick same day solution to protect your car and get you mobile again.

Should you suffer from stolen keys we have the solution, Our skilled engineers are expert lock pickers, they will pick open your vehicle and decode your vehicles locks, we will then cut new keys for your vehicles locks, we then program these keys to your vehicles memory, you are now mobile again with new keys of your choice.

Whilst programming your new keys, our standard practice is to delete all stolen keys and keys not in your possession from the vehicles memory, so once we complete the job, the stolen keys will no longer be recognised by the vehicle, it will no longer start or drive with the stolen key.

Thus when we leave you on completing the job, we leave you with the only keys capable of starting your vehicle in your possession where they should be, resolving your emergency and restoring your peace of mind.

Due to our skilled locksmiths, our fully equipped and stocked service vans, we can normally respond quickly offering you a same day quick single visit to resolve your emergency fully.

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