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corsa cut out whilst driving

car cuts out whilst driving then wont restart

Posted on: January 24th, 2014 by Martin Pink

we have had 2 calls in past 2 days from customers whose car had just cut out whilst driving then wont restart , one was a corsa D the other a nissan micra k11 .

in both cases customers were lead to believe by mechanics that its their key at fault and all they need is their key reprogramming , this is not the case and is so far away from the truth that its mind boggling , before i list the possible causes of this , let me explain why it is not a key issue .

A transponder key is passive , the transponder chip is powered by an ariel ring around the ignition for a second or 2 only , the ariel powers the key long enough to read it and confirm its the correct transponder , it then allows the car to start , the key is not used again until you next turn the ignition on .

so if a car cuts out whilst driving this has no relation to the transponder key at all , as the key finished its job at the point of starting the engine , so as running and then cut out whilst driving , you can rule a key issue out totally.

with the corsa d especially between late 2006 and 2008 this seems to be a common issue and well documented on owner forums and mechanic forums , and in every case the fault has always been one of the following issues ;

1) BCM ( body control mosule fault )

this has been the most common fault associated with the car cutting out when running , sometimes caused after a flat battery , and sometimes on its own accord , when a bcm fault is found it needs a garage with tech 2 to reset and rewrite the bcm module to fix the problem , the car wont run until fixed and it will remain immobilised. in some cases the bcm is neyond resetting and a new bcm or doner bcm needs fitting and writing into the car .

2) Crank shaft sensor

this is also a common fault that causes this problem of the car cutting out whilst driving and not restarting , when the crank shaft sensor fails the car becomes immobilised and cuts out and wont restart .

3) fuel injector system fault or system sensor fault

less common but causes similar issue

4) EGR valve fault / air flow meter fault

also less common but still causes similar issues .

the key itself cannot cause this fault or create this fault , mechanics and recovery drivers should not tell customers its a key issue to just get rid of them or due to not knowing or having correct diagnostics to check properly .

the clues are in the sympton , car cut out whilst driving ! this instantly rules out a key issue and points straight to above 4 issues .

more difficult to diagnose if car was fine and then just wont start , but if cut out whilst driving to all you roadside guys and mechanics out there , you can forget key issue and search for correct cause and save costly unnecessary call outs for customers .

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