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Original Renault megane and scenic key cards

Posted on: September 6th, 2016 by Martin Pink

Please Note : Renault have decided to stop selling blank megane and scenic key cards to everyone , they will now only supply these locked to a specific cars vin number , this means that it is no longer possible for anybody to offer you a same day service on a replacement OEM key card anymore , as these must now be ordered from the dealer locked to your vehicles vin number , which takes 5 to 10 days for delivery.

We find this extremely poor customer service from renault and a kick in the teeth not just for their trade customers but also their loyal car buying customers , it is well known that these cards have a limited life and are prone to failure in large numbers now the cars are getting older , where faced with a stranded car that wont start due to a failed card , locksmiths were able to program a new original card with full guarantee to your car and get you up and running same day with minimal disruption . The new rules from renault mean that if your card fails you are now left with the disruption of your vehicle off the road for up to 10 days while you wait for a card locked to your car , unless renault have a change of heart and put their customers first which is unlikely , then this cannot be avoided .

The only megane and scenic  cards that can now be supplied same day by anyone is copy cards , these are as you would expect far cheaper , but they are also not the same quality , wont last as long and come with a far shorter guarantee , some copy cards are ok but some are very poor , but as a failed card is often an emergency as has left you stranded , then a copy card is now the only way to get back up and running same day .

this only affects megane and scenic 3 button cards at present , but we are told the rest of the cards will follow suit , good news for renault but bad news for their customers sadly.

we can now offer 3 options with megane and scenic 3 button cards 

1) we will need a copy of your v5 , driving licence and a utility bill to order your new card from the dealer which will take 5 to 10 days 

2) we can supply and program a copy card with limited guarantee

3) we can supply and program a copy card as a temporary card to get you on road again and order you an original card to be programmed once delivered .

We still hope renault will see sense and change this new policy and put their customers needs first , and we will of course update our page should this be the case , we are sorry for the disruption and additional expense and issues this can cause , but this is renaults policy and entirely out of our hands . we will update if the situation changes or a better aftermarket solution becomes available.

Cheapest isnt always best part 2

Posted on: December 1st, 2015 by Martin Pink

Nottingham car keys appreciate that everyone seeks a bargain , especially with car keys as these can be expensive items , but sometimes the cheapest option is often far from cheap in the long run despite the claims made by some.

Today we feature renault key cards , these cards are an expensive purchase even at cost and trade prices , yet the likes of online sellers and some cheap service providers sell these at prices far below the cost price of a card  , How can they do this ?

The reason is simple , these are counterfeit cards from china and not genuine renault cards , which is why on line you will see prices from £35 to £75 for a card which is lower than the cost price of a genuine card , some will supply as genuine despite being a copy , those who deal cash in hand will offer a guarantee that they rarely honour .

The copy cards on the whole are extremely unreliable , many fail in just weeks , some get lucky and get one that lasts a year or more , but most suffer failures in just a few days , weeks or months , the solder joints are poor and on the whole the quality is poor , some look real until you open them up .

How do we know this ? we have sampled almost all of the copy cards available , our own testing has proven to us that we couldnt offer these to our customers as we guarantee all keys for 12 months , these we couldnt guarantee for 12 weeks and in some cases 12 days . there are a number of copy cards available all of very different quality , some will last the year and more but many will not .

Nottingham car keys only stock genuine renault cards , we will not sell inferior unreliable products that cant be guaranteed for a full 12 months , our customers and our own reputation are too important to risk on cheap counterfeit products .

Of course its your money and your choice , if you choose to go ahead with a cheap copy card for your renault then you at least do so knowing the quality issues and the high likleyhood of failure of the card , so at least able to make a choice knowing the facts , we believe in this case , if you buy copy then you buy twice so a false economy as in many cases just a temporary fix , again how do we know this ?

Well apart from our own testing on these , we attend more jobs per week on failed renault cards than any other key type , many of these are unhappy people who bought cheap first time around and now cant get a guarantee honoured and some in just weeks , as a short term cheap fix there ok but not long term on the whole , if a reliable copy card appears and passes all of our own tests we will offer a cheaper aftermarket solution to our customers , but until then we will not offer our customers inferior unreliable products .

when the price differs by a staggering amount between one supplier and another , its not always because one is greedy , theres normally good reason , an old saying of you only get what you pay for is very true with renault cards , Nottingham car keys only ever supply genuine renault cards which are all fully guaranteed for 12 months .

we would only ever advise customers to buy these from reputable auto locksmiths or the main dealer , always get a written invoice stating that it is a genuine card and guaranteed for 12 months , if your supplier states in writing its genuine , you have a comeback or a case against them , if you have in writing that its guarnteed for 12 months you have a case and a comeback , with a cheap copy card from a cash in hand supplier you have none of this , for some it works out but for others its a false economy and often a costly mistake to make , so buy wisely and buy genuine and get this and a guarantee on invoice in writing .

buy wisely

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