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The difference between some cheap keys online

Posted on: February 28th, 2020 by Martin Pink

we hear all the time about people offering cheap keys on facebook selling pages and often get asked why we cant or wont price match these , the answer is simple if not long winded.

  1. some of the online services offering cheap car keys are offering cheap low quality chinese counterfeit keys , they may look like original keys , but many are poor quality pure conterfeits that are likely to fail within a short time .  we as a legitimate business have to offer guarantees on the products we sell to you , guarantees that as a legitimate business we must honour , not everyone trading honour the guarantee they give if giving one at all . where we offer the option of aftermarket keys , we will only supply aftermarket keys that we have tested fully and that we can be confident we can offer a guarantee on.
  2. some services found online can offer cheap prices as not legitimate businesses and not registered with HMRC , these will normally operate cash in hand , with such traders you have no guarantees should the key fail , they can offer low prices as not paying any income tax , vat etc , a legitimate business must pay the taxes of the land and must invoice and guarantee what they sell to you .
  3. diagnostic equipment that is needed to program your car key is very expensive , many of these online services use and rely on cheap chinese counterfeit equipment rather than proven and tested expensive equipment , should the worst happen and your car be damaged then you have no come back on a business if they are not a legitimate business with proper insurance .
  4. proper liability insurance , professional indemnity insurance and insurance that covers you to work on a vehicle at the road side is expensive , many of these cheap cash in hand services that rely on chinese counterfeit keys and using chinese counterfeit equipment will have no insurance at all , so in the event your car is damaged you will have no recourse .

we have seen a number of cheap key suppliers set up over the years , they hit the social media selling pages , they then vanish , we then see them appear a little later with a different name and phone number , one we have seen with 5 different trading names and phone numbers over a 12 month period .

How do you ensure you only get a legitimate business that is fully insured , using safe tested and proven equipment and that guarantee their products and work ?

  1. a legitimate business will not ask or agree to a cash in hand job
  2. a legitimate business will always supply an invoice/reciept for what you have purchased , this invoice/reciept will include their trading name , trading address , and if vat registered a vat registration number , the job will be itemised , it will state the cost and its wise to ask for the guarantee period to be written on this as well .
  3. most legitimate businesses will have a valid landline number as well as a mobile number if applicable , but some legitimate small businesses do just list a mobile number

so the reason we cant price match the cash in hand online sellers is simple ;

  1. we will only sell you original keys with a full years guarantee or aftermarket keys that we trust and we will write the guarantee period for these on your invoice , some aftermarket keys have 3 months guarantee , some 6 months guarantee , but we make it crystal clear up front what the guarantee period is.
  2. we are fully insured to work on vehicles at the roadside , we also have full liability and professional indemnity insurance as well.
  3. as we are a legitimate business we will not take on cash in hand jobs , we pay our taxes and our vat in accordance with the law of this country.
  4. we have industry leading equipment that is at great expense kept fully up to date and never use counterfeit diagnostics on your vehicle .
  5. our technicians are highly skilled with many years of experience in their work
  6. we invoice every job , you will always be given an invoice with no exceptions

if a cheap job is what you require then that is your choice , but be aware of the risks and pitfalls of saving a small amount of money and what this may cost you long term , we wont compramise our standards or the quality of what we supply you to get it to you and we wont break the law by avoiding taxation , we will offer a guarantee on every job we do as you would expect from a legitimate buisiness , we never offer a different price for cash .

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