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Vw Passat 2001 key stopped working after a flat battery

Posted on: September 21st, 2013 by Martin Pink

We had an enquiry from a customer today who had been told the key needed reprogramming following a non start after a flat battery .

having had some high quotes the lady was relieved to hear that she didnt need to call anyone out or pay anything at all , we gave her the solution by email.

if this happens to you , then you do not need an auto locksmith , the key just needs a resynch , simply ;

1) insert the key into the ignition

2) switch ignition to position 2 so dash lights all light up

3) leave the ignition on for 35 minutes

4) after 35 mins switch ignition off and remove key

5) now test key , all should be working again .

some vehicles require the ignition to be left on for 1 hour , so if in doubt leave it on for 60 mins and this should clear the system.

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