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We open any car damage free guaranteed

Posted on: May 16th, 2013 by Martin Pink

Nottingham car keys are proud of the exceptionally high standard of our highly skilled auto locksmiths , their lock picking skills are 2nd to none in the industry today .

For healthy car locks , They will always pick open the vehicle locks , so totally free from any risk of damage to your vehicle and its locks , we make the vehicle believe that the true key has been used , so free from any risk of damage .

We wont use out dated crude entry methods like airbags or rods or abrasive rake tools on any healthy lock that’s in working order , as these methods can in the wrong hands damage your vehicle and its locks .

Many will offer an entry service , turn up and reach straight for an air bag and metal rod , or a rake tool , often without the knowledge to use these tools correctly , we have had to repair many vehicles for customers after others have used these crude methods , some of the common vehicle damage these methods cause is as follows ;

Air Bags

the most common cause of vehicle damage from the use of airbags is due to inexperience , we have attended many vehicles where the tops of car and van doors have been severely bent by the over inflation of 1 or more air bags to create a gap , this leaves a poor fitted door that is drafty and noisy due to draft , others we have seen are so severely bent doors don’t open or shut properly . Sadly the only solution is an expensive trip to a body repair garage to have the door reshaped.

Metal Rods

used in conjunction with an airbag , the most common damage we have seen due to the inexperienced is generally cosmetic , we often see scratched and chipped paintwork behind the door where the rod works , we have also seen damaged handles , scuffed interiors and even cracked glass .

Abrasive Raking tools

tools like inner groove picks and rakes in the skilled hand are fine , sadly not everyone who advertises has a skilled hand , the most common cause of damage these cause to vehicle locks are damaged wafers preventing the key from working properly or not to work at all , we have repaired many locks for customers where others have been too heavy handed with these tools , where the customer has had an unnecessary bill to have the lock stripped down and the bent wafers replaced .

Plug Spinners

when the inexperienced use plug spinning tools , they often wind the spring too far , this spins the plug too fast and hard and often breaks the paddles and connectors at the back of the lock , another unnecessary repair bill for a customer .

Many will minimise their own risk by asking you to sign a disclaimer , relinquishing them from any blame if they damage your car , do not sign one of these , there is no need to ever damage a healthy vehicle lock .

Sometimes when a lock is faulty , it becomes necessary to use these methods , but in skilled hands they are damage free tools , but always last resort tools and no skilled tradesman will ask you to sign a disclaimer against damage they cause .

We are skilled tradesmen , we will pick your locks , we will never damage your vehicle .


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