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Nottingham Car Keys

Auto Entry Specialists

Auto Entry Specialists

car entry , vehicle entry , keys locked in car nottingham

car entry , vehicle entry , keys locked in car nottingham

Keys Locked In Boot , Keys Locked in Car

keys locked in car

Nottingham car keys technicians are skilled lock pickers , we gan entry to all makes of car via picking the lock , so fully damage free , our technicians have over 20 years experience of car opening and are masters of what they do.

Many claim to be an auto entry specialist, but few truly are as claimed, many are not auto locksmiths, not even properly insured to work on motor vehicles, which requires specialist insurance to work on cars.

Many use old methods of entry, such as airbags and rods, airbags and rods have their uses but in unskilled hands can damage your vehicle and paintwork. Many modern vehicles deadlock rendering air bags and rods useless. We have had to sort out many vehicles deadlocked and damaged with air bags from a previous services attempts.

We are extremely proud of our highly skilled auto locksmiths lock picking skills, they use state of the art lock picks to pick your vehicle locks open, the lock believes the key has been used, we open all vehicle locks totally damage free and in most cases in under 10 minutes of arrival.

Our highly skilled locksmiths pick most vehicle locks in 2 to 3 minutes of arrival, and just about any auto lock in under 10 minutes and always fully damage free.


We specialise in picking the locks others turn down, we specialise in keys locked in a mercedes boot, as well as all vag group including Audi and VW models, no matter what the make or model, we have a quick damage free affordable option for you.

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We offer a 24 hour a day emergency service for vehicle entry , whether keys are locked in the boot or inside the car , we guarantee not to damage your vehicle as we will always pick the lock open confusing the vehicle into thinking a key has been used.

car entry in Nottingham , Derby , Loughborough , Leicester and surrounding areas 7 days a week most weeks including an out of hours service is available.

Your vehicle whether a van , car or truck is your pride and joy , why risk damage from unskilled services when the best is available to you .

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