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Nottingham Car Keys

Citroen car keys , citroen remote keys

Citroen car keys , citroen remote keys

citroen car keys nottingham , citroen car keys loughborough

citroen car keys and citroen remote keys 1995 to current models

Nottingham car keys and their Nottingham auto locksmiths , can supply a quick same day service for most Citroen vehicles in nottingham and across the east midlands area , Citroen use a complicated BSI and CAN immobilser system to help protect your vehicles security.

Nottingham car keys are proud to offer a replacement Citroen car key or spare Citroen car key service same day , we offer citroen car keys Nottingham , citroen keys loughborough , citroen keys liecester , citroen car keys derby  areas , in fact we offer all citroen car keys across the east midlands region , even when all keys are lost or stolen.

We use dealer level diagnostic equipment that enables us to safely and expertly program the citroen system.

Due to being fully mobile, our Nottingham auto locksmith will come to your vehicle, pick it open and decode the vehicles lock, then we will cut a new key to your vehicles code, the locksmith will then diagnostically program the new key to your vehicle, whilst erasing any lost or stolen keys from the vehicles memory, thus enhancing your vehicles security. All in one quick visit and normally 1 same day visit.

Citroen use a large number of different remotes that look identical to each other, only the correct remote will work , we check your vehicles vin number against the database to determine correct part.

We carry a large stock of citroen keys and remote keys on our service vans which are fully equipped with the latest dealer level diagnostic equipment, so whether yours is an old model or a new DS5 model just out of production , we have your key in stock .

We can offer a new key solution to suit most pockets, we can supply cut and program;

• Genuine OEM Citroen remote keys and remote flip keys
• Genuine OEM citroen standard chipped non remote keys

NB: second hand Citroen keys cannot be reprogrammed to another vehicle ever, so please don’t waste your money buying 2nd hand citroen remotes and keys, as they are no good to you and a complete waste of money.

citroen key nottingham , citroen key loughborough

Why choose US instead of the main dealer

For most citreon keys and remotes , the main dealer will need to order the cut key and the relevant codes for your vehicle, which takes 5 to 10 days for them to obtain, we carry a large stock of citroen keys and remotes, we decode your cars locks and cut the key on site, our equipment in most cases will extract the relevant codes, where this is not possible we can normally get these within the hour.
So we wont leave you 5 to 10 days without your vehicle, we can offer a 1 visit same day service in most cases.

The main dealer will require you to get the car to them, difficult if all keys are lost or stolen and normally involves expensive recovery costs on top, we are full mobile, so we come to the vehicle and complete the job in 1 visit on site at the car, saving you these expensive recovery costs.

Citroen Key services we can offer you

Whether all keys are lost or stolen, or you require a spare key or even if you just need a key reprogrammed, we have a service for you.

citreon key nottingham , citroen key loughborough

Replacement keys and remotes when all keys are lost or stolen

This is no problem for our fully insured, CRB checked and highly skilled technicians, they will arrive at your car in our fully stocked and fully equipped service van, they will pick and decode your vehicles lock and cut the correct key, they will then program the new key set to your vehicle, quickly and efficiently , Normally same day and completed within 30 minutes of arrival.


Spare keys

We can supply spare keys, spare remotes and spare flip remote keys for most makes of citroen vehicle.

Gaining entry to your Citroen

If you have simply locked your keys in the car or in the boot, we can gain non destructive entry to your citroen vehicle, normally in under 5 mins and always completely damage free.


Citroen Models we can offer solutions for:

Citroen Berlingo, Citroen C2, Citroen C3, Citroen C4, Citroen C5, Citroen C8, Citroen DS3, Citroen Dispatch, Citroen Picasso models, Citroen saxo, Citroen Xsara, Citroen Xsara Picasso, citreon DS3 , Citroen DS4 , Citroen DS5 , we also offer the same level of same day service for citroen vans including , citroen nemo keys , citroen dispatch keys and citroen relay vans .

we specialise in replacement citroen keys on commercial vehicles including , Citroen Berlingo Keys , Citroen dispatch keys , Citroen nemo keys and some models of Citroen Relay keys .

we can offer a same day service on Citroen Nemo Keys , citroen relay keys , citroen relay remote keys and Citroen Nemo remote keys .

FAQ about Citroen Keys including hints and tips

Q: My flip remote only works the central locking if my keys in the ignition, Can you help?

A: yes we can, this is a common fault on your make of car, the remotes circuit board has failed and a new remote is required, we can supply cut and program a new one for you.

Q ) My battery on my car went flat , I had it changed , my key still starts the engine but my remote has stopped working , do I need a new key ? or can you repair it ?

A ) No you don’t need a new key , and we can tell you how to manually resynch the remote yourself in under a minute at no cost at all , simply follow these simple steps ;

1) insert key in ignition

2) turn ignition on

3) hold lock button down for 10 seconds then release

4) turn ignition off and remove key

5) wait 30 seconds then press unlock button a few times

locks will cycle , now test remote , it should now work as normal.


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