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VW car Keys & VW Remote Keys

VW Car Keys

VW Car Keys & VW remote keys 1998 to current models

our highly skilled auto locksmiths are extensively trained in VW vehicle systems and can offer one of the most extensive VW car keys services .

VW use a large number of very different remote keys, these do all look the same

but all are very different from model to model and even from year to year

we always confirm correct part to your vehicles vin number, always programming correct parts to vehicles.

We carry a full stock of VW keys, remotes, flip keys and pod keys onboard our service vans and mobile workshops

this allows us to always be in a position to offer a quick same day service to our customers.

Along with our highly skilled VW specialist auto locksmiths and our up to date dealer level diagnostics

this allows us to resolve your vw key requirements in just 1 quick same day visit.

in certain siuations we offer vw key reprograming too

We can offer an extensive range of affordable VW key, VW remote Key and VW flip remote key solutions to suit all pockets, these include;
Original OEM VW remote keys
Original OEM VW flip remote keys
After Market VW Flip Remote Keys
Standard Chipped non remote keys
No matter what your VW key or remote issue, we have the right solution at the right price.


VW car keys Services we Offer

We offer key services for all VW models from 1998 onwards

as fully mobile we come to you at your home or workplace or your vehicles location and carry all work out on site quickly and efficiently.

whether its simply a spare key you require, or all keys are lost , we have a same day fast and efficient solution for you.

Replacement VW Keys, VW remote keys and VW flip remote keys

All keys lost or stolen are our speciality, we will send our highly skilled VW key specialist to your vehicle in our fully equipped service van

once on site the locksmith will pick open and then decode your vehicles locks they will cut new keys to your lock

then program the new keys to your VW vehicles memory, the locksmith can delete all lost or stolen keys from your vehicles memory

renedering them unable to start your vehicle, this restores your vehicles security leaving only the keys in your possession functioning.

All this is completed in one fast visit to the car, normally in well under an hour of arrival.
The main advantages of our service are of course the costs but also unlike the dealers

we come to your car saving you expensive recovery costs, and as we carry large stocks we can complete the job same day .


Spare keys , remote Keys and flip remote keys

New VW vehicles always come with 2 new keys as standard, often when a used vehicle is purchased it comes with just 1 key

meaning someone somewhere has a working key for your vehicle.

When we program a new spare vw car key to a VW vehicle, we always offer to delete any keys not in your possession from the vehicles memory

restoring your vehicles security ensuring that the only keys that work on your vehicle are the ones in your possession.

As fully mobile, we come to your home or workplace and complete all work on site quickly and efficiently.

Gaining entry when keys are locked inside car or boot

Our auto locksmiths are expert lock pickers, we pick locks open making the car believe the key has been used

all completely damage free, we wont use old fashioned methods likely to damage your vehicle like rods and air bags.

We pick locks open totally damage free and normally in just a few minutes of arrival.

VW Models We work On

VW Amarok, VW Beetle, VW CC, VW Caddy, VW EOS, VW Golf, VW Jetta, VW Passat and VW polo

as well as VW Scirocco, VW Sharan, VW Tiguan, VW Touran, VW Toureg and VW Transporter.

FAQ about VW Keys including Hints and tips

Q: My battery went flat, now my key wont start the engine, Do I need a new key?

A: No you shouldn’t need a new key, if your battery is now charged, insert your key in the ignition

and turn the ignition on so the dash lights all come on, leave the ignition turned on for 35 minutes

after 35 minutes turn the ignition off. The key should now be working as normal.


Q: I changed the battery in my remote and now the remote wont work , do i need a locksmith to fix this ?

A: No you should be able to fix this in seconds yourself , the remote is already programmed it just needs a resynch to the car

follow these simple steps to fix this ;

1) insert key into ignition

2) turn igniotion on

3) press and hold down the unlock button for 1 full second then release

4) turn off ignition and remove key

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