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Vauxhall car keys & Vauxhall Remote Keys

vauxhall car keys

Vauxhall Car Keys & Vauxhall remote keys , 1995 to present day

we carry a large stock of vauxhall car keys as Vauxhall have used a number of different keyways as well as a number of different immobilizer systems over the years, utilizing different fixed code and crypto code transponder chip types.

Nottingham Car keys , have the most up to date diagnostic equipment available for Vauxhall keys, allowing us the ability to cover all models and years of Vauxhall vehicle.

Vauxhall systems up to 2005 used a number of different remote types, despite the remotes looking identical, only the correct part will work for your vehicle, we always supply the correct original part to your vehicle.

Vauxhall issue a security car pass with each vehicle, this lists the important codes needed for key programming, the pass includes normally, vin number, key number, pin code or security code and radio code. the card is credit card size and is normally in the manuals folder. If you have this, then this simplifies the job greatly, if you don’t have this, then in most cases this isn’t a problem for us, our dealer level equipment can extract this info from your vehicle 90% of the time.

We carry extensive stocks of Vauxhall keys, Vauxhall remote keys and Vauxhall flip remote keys for the complete Vauxhall range, with our up to date diagnostic equipment, this allows us to offer you a quick same day 1 visit solution to your Vauxhall key needs.

Nottingham Car Keys  can supply cut and program the following keys;
• Original OEM Vauxhall remote keys
• Original OEM Vauxhall flip remote keys
• Small range of 2nd hand Vauxhall remote keys
• Standard chipped non remote keys

So what ever your Vauxhall key requirements, we can help.

vauxhall keys

Vauxhall keys nottingham , Vauxhall keys derby , vauxhall keys loughborough and Vauxhall keys leicester always available .

Vauxhall key services That we offer

We offer a number of services for Vauxhall keys and Vauxhall remotes, we can offer a quick same day service on all services, covering all models.

astra K remote key

Replacement Vauxhall keys, remote keys and remote flip keys

Even if all keys are lost or stolen, this doesn’t pose us any problem, we can send our fully stocked and equipped service van to your cars location, where our highly skilled auto locksmith will pick and decode the lock, cut new keys to your locks then program them to your vehicle, whilst doing so they will erase the lost or stolen keys from your vehicles memory, rendering the old keys useless and unable to start your vehicle, re-establishing your vehicles security, so that the only keys that start your vehicle are the ones in your possession.

We carry all the latest flip keys as well as the older remote keys in stock, so can almost always offer you a same day, 1 quick affordable solution, normally in well under an hour of arrival.

vauxhall remote keys

replacement vauxhall keys nottingham , replacement vauxhall keys derby , replacement vauxhall keys loughborough and replacement vauxhall keys leicester available on a daily basis.

Spare Vauxhall Keys, Remote keys and remote flip keys

All New Vauxhall vehicles come as standard with 2 keys, often when buying a used vehicle you buy with just 1 key, which means someone somewhere has a working key for your vehicle, or maybe you have lost a key.

In which ever case we can offer an affordable solution for either situation.

When ever we program a spare key, we always offer to delete all keys not in your possession from the vehicles memory at no extra charge, thus restoring your vehicles security.

In most cases we can offer a same day 1 visit solution for all your spare key requirements.

spare vauxhall key nottingham , spare vauxhall key loughborough , spare vauxhall key derby and spare vauxhall key leicester available 7 days a week.

Broken Vauxhall key blades

Vauxhall models up until early 2005 used the edge type of key, these have always been prone to snapping when old or worn, the snap at the low cut point, and as you might imagine they rarely snap off in a convenient situation.

This is not a problem to us, we can quickly extract the broken part of the key from your vehicles lock, then cut and program you a new blade, all in 1 same day quick affordable visit.

Chip supply and program

With Vauxhall models up to 2005 and corsa up to late 2007, it is common to lose the transponder chip, this happens normally when batteries are changed, when the remote is separated from the blade, the small transponder chip is often dropped and lost from the blade section.

We can offer a same day quick affordable solution, we will come to the car, insert a new transponder chip and program this to your vehicle, getting you back up and running quickly.

Broken remotes replaced

Early Vauxhall remotes used on models up to 2005 generally tend to fail after a heavy handed battery or case change, the solder joints of the battery carrier get loosened or broken, in some cases these can be repaired and resoldered, an old mechanics trick used to be to add a coin or some card to top of battery to force the connection, but this is generally a temporary fix at best.

We can supply and program the correct new remote to your vehicle in 1 quick affordable visit as we carry large stocks of all Vauxhall remotes.

Gain entry, keys locked in vehicle

Our auto locksmiths are expert lock pickers, they pick the vehicles locks open completely damage free, we don’t use old fashioned methods likely to damage your vehicle like rods and air bags.
Our service vans carry the latest state of art lock picks for all models of Vauxhall from the older edge keys right up to the current laser keys, just as important, our locksmiths have the skills to use these lock picks quickly and efficiently.

In most cases our skilled locksmiths will pick your vehicles lock and gain entry in just a few minutes of arrival.

Vauxhall Models we work on

Vauxhall Astra, Vauxhall Astra F, Vauxhall Astra G, Vauxhall Astra H, Vauxhall Astra J, Vauxhall Corsa, Vauxhall Corsa C, Vauxhall Corsa D, Vauxhall Tigra, Vauxhal Vectra, Vauxhall Vectra B, Vauxhall Vectra C, Vauxhall Omega, Vauxhal Meriva, Vauxhall Zafira, Vauxhall Zafira A, Vauxhall Zafira B, Vauxhall Insignia, Vauxhall Frontera, Vauxhall Movano, Vauxhall Vivaro, Vauxhall Agila, Vauxhall Combo , Vauxhall Mokka .

FAQ about Vauxhall keys , including hints & tips

1) I changed the battery in my Vauxhall Astra G remote , the remote works fine but the key no longer starts the engine , can you help ?

A) yes we can , you will have lost your transponder chip when changing the battery , we will need to program a new transponder chip and secure it in your key for you , but have a good look around on the floor around the area where you seperated the remote end from the key end , as the chip is housed in the key end and will have fallen out , you are looking for a small black carbon chip .

NB: Take care when seperating vauxhall remotes , the all important transponder chip that starts your engine is housed in the key end , be careful not to drop or lose this important transponder chip !

2) I have locked my keys inside my vauxhall car , can you help and will it damage my car ?

A) yes we can help , our technician can pick open any vauxhall vehicle in minutes of arrival , and as we pick the lock it is 100% damage free every time.

3) ive lost my vauxhall car key , can you replace my lost vauxhall key

A) Yes we can offer a fast same day service in most cases as we specialise in replacing lost vauxhall keys and lost vauxhall remote keys including latest models.

4) my vauxhall astra keys have been stolen , can you help asap

A) yes we can respond very quickly to stolen car key emergencies , we will supply cut and program new keys and delete old keys from the system so that the stolen key no longer starts the vehicle , we can replace stolen car keys same day on all astra models including astra g , astra h and astra j models.

5) ive just bought a vauxhall vectra 2005 plate , it only has one key , can you supply a spare 

A) yes , and we can offer a same day service to do so , we will also delete any keys not in your possession from the cars memory , so that the only keys that start your car are in your possession.


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