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Skoda Car Keys & Skoda Remote Keys

Skoda Auto keys & Skoda remote keys

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Skoda are part of the Vag group , as such we ensure we have ample stock of skoda car keys for all skoda models on our service vans

We  offer a key solution to suit most pockets, we  supply cut and program;
Genuine OEM skoda keys and flip keys
Own brand aftermarket skoda flip keys for most models , these can be viewed  at our aftermarket flip keys page
Aftermarket skoda keys and remote keys

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How do we differ with the main dealer

The main dealer will normally require you to wait for 5 to 7 days whilst they order the key in

as we carry most skoda car keys in stock

we limit your down time as in most cases we can supply a fast same day service .

In some cases we also offer skoda key reprograming

Replacement keys

in most cases we can offer a very fast and efficient service offering same day replacement skoda keys .

Spare car keys

We can offer in most cases a same day service if you just require a spare key for your skoda vehicle.
Choose from our range of original flip keys, aftermarket flip keys or standard chipped non remote keys.

Gaining Entry to the vehicle when keys locked inside

We gain entry to skoda vehicles when keys locked inside quickly, efficiently and completely damage free.

We don’t use old fashioned air bags which can damage cars

our locksmiths pick all skoda locks open, normally in well under 3 mins.

Skoda Models that we work on

Skoda Fabia , Skoda Octavia , Skoda Roomster and Skoda superb.

FAQ about skoda keys and remotes including hints and tips

Q: My battery went flat, now my key wont start the engine, Do I need a new key?

A: you shouldn’t need a new key, if your battery is now charged , insert your key in the ignition

and turn the ignition on so the dash lights all come on, leave the ignition turned on for 35 minutes

after 35 minutes turn the ignition off. The key should now be working as normal.


Q: I changed the battery in my remote and now the remote wont work , do i need a locksmith to fix this ?

A: No the remote is already programmed it just needs a resynch to the car

follow these simple steps to fix this ;

1) insert key into ignition

2) turn igniotion on

3) press and hold down the unlock button for 1 full second then release

4) turn off ignition and remove key

Your key should now be working as normal


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