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Seat Car Keys & Seat Remote Keys

Seat car keys & seat remote keys ,  1998 to current models

We carry a full stock of Seat car keys and Seat remote keys on board our service vans , allowing us to offer a fast same day replacement Seat key service in most cases even when all keys are lost or stolen , our 7 day a week replacement key service for Seat car keys is ready and waiting to assist you .

We can offer a new key solution to suit most pockets, we can supply cut and program;
• Genuine  Seat car keys and flip keys
• Our own brand aftermarket Seat flip keys for most models
• Aftermarket Seat keys and remote keys


How do we differ with the main dealer

we can offer in most cases a same day replacement Seat car key service even when all keys are lost or stolen , we come to you and your car thus avoiding expensive costs of recovery and transportation and we dont close at 5pm .

Services we can offer for Seat Keys

Due to being fully mobile we can offer a number of same day solutions for your Seat key needs, whether you require a spare key or if all keys are lost or stolen, we have a same day solution for you, such as;

Replacement keys when all keys are lost or stolen

If all keys are lost or stolen, this poses no problem for us, our highly trained, crb checked and fully insured auto locksmiths will be able to offer a quick same day solution, they will come to your car in our fully equipped and fully stocked service vans, they will pick and decode your vehicles locks, cut new keys to your vehicle then program the new keys to your vehicle with our dealer level diagnostic equipment, once they have done this, they will delete the lost/stolen keys from the system so they no longer start the car.

We can supply and program keys for most pockets from standard chipped keys to full flip remote keys.

All of this is done in 1 very same day visit and normally in well under an hour of arrival.

Spare car keys

We can offer in most cases a same day service if you just require a spare key for your seat vehicle.

Choose from our range of original flip keys, aftermarket flip keys or standard chipped non remote keys.

Broken Seat keys

Although quite rare for a Seat key to break, this does sometimes happen, we can offer a fast 1 visit solution to the problem, we will attend the car and repair or replace the broken key parts.

Gaining Entry to the vehicle when keys locked inside

We gain entry to Seat vehicles when keys locked inside quickly, efficiently and completely damage free. We don’t use old fashioned air bags which can damage cars, we pick all Seat locks open, normally in well under 10 mins.

Seat Models That We work on

Seat Alhambra, Seat Altea, Seat Arosa, Seat Cordoba, Seat Cupra, Seat Ibiza, Seat Inca, Seat Leon, Seat Toledo.

FAQ about Seat Keys and remotes Including hints and tips

Q: My battery went flat, now my key wont start the engine, Do I need a new key?

A: No you shouldn’t need a new key, if your battery is now charged, insert your key in the ignition and turn the ignition on so the dash lights all come on, leave the ignition turned on for 35 minutes, after 35 minutes turn the ignition off. The key should now be working as normal.

NB : some vehicles will require the ignition to be left on for 1 hour instead of 35 minutes.


Q: I changed the battery in my remote and now the remote wont work , do i need a locksmith to fix this ?

A: No you should be able to fix this in seconds yourself , the remote is already programmed it just needs a resynch to the car , follow these simple steps to fix this ;

1) insert key into ignition

2) turn igniotion on

3) press and hold down the unlock button for 1 full second then release

4) turn off ignition and remove key

Your key should now be working as normal , if this does not work it may need to be diagnostically reprogrammed in which case call us for a quote for this .



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