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Warranties & Guarantees

Warranty and Guarantee

Of Course we guarantee all of the car keys we supply to our customers as you would expect from a legitimate company, Over the years and especially in recent times it has become obvious that customers require cheapest options as well as the dearer options, we have responded by offering a range of key and remote options that carry different warranties, all are listed here as we believe everything should be black and white and transparent, so below is the warranties and guarantees we offer.

1) Brand New Original OEM keys and remote keys

We carry huge stocks of original keys, remotes and remote keys for most makes and models of vehicle, all New Original OEM keys, remotes and remote keys carry a full 12 months guarantee.

2) After Market Keys and after market remote keys

For Certain Makes and models, we carry our own brand range of keys and remote keys for many makes and models, we also stock a range of cheaper aftermarket keys and remotes, unlike many others we will not sell you an after market key as an original, an after market key is a cheaper option and can only be offered as after market as not original manufacturer keys.

We test all aftermarket keys we stock in depth and only offer those that prove to be reliable and fit for purpose, as a cheaper key we pass these savings on to you.

All aftermarket keys and remote keys are brand new and carry a 3 month guarantee.

3) 2nd hand Original OEM keys and remote keys

We do carry a number of 2nd hand remotes and remote keys, we only carry a small range of these for certain older vehicles where new original remotes and after market remotes are no longer available, this allows us to offer a remote key option even though new remotes are no longer available.

2nd hand remotes are fully tested and carry a 1 month guarantee.

So, we offer a range of services to suit most pockets and budgets, all keys supplied by us are exactly as described, and we are open and up front with regards each key types guarantee, fully transparent.

Guarantees are non transferable

NB: All guarantees are between the customer and us, the guarantee does not transfer to a third party in the event the car is sold , if the vehicle is sold to a 3rd party all guarantees become null and void.

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