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Replacement & Programming Services: Rover & MG Car Keys


Rover & MG Car Key Services in Nottingham

At Nottingham Car Keys, we specialise in providing a range of services for Rover and MG car keys, including replacement, cutting, and programming. We understand the concerns of vehicle owners, especially after Rover went bust, and we are here to offer swift and reliable solutions for around 85% of the Rover and MG range of models.

Comprehensive Key Solutions

Whether you have lost all your keys and remotes or just require a spare, we can offer same-day, one-visit solutions to most Rover and MG key problems. Our services include removing broken keys, cutting new keys, gaining swift entry if keys are locked in the vehicle, and programming new keys to the vehicle while deleting any remotes not in your possession from the vehicle’s memory.

Models We Specialize In:

  • Rover 100
  • Rover 200
  • Rover 400
  • Rover 25
  • Rover 45
  • MG-F
  • MG-ZR
  • MG-TF

Original & Second-Hand Solutions

We offer both original OEM Rover remotes and keys and second-hand original Rover remotes and keys, ensuring that you have options to choose from based on your needs and budget. Our extensive stock allows us to provide you with immediate solutions, even in situations where all keys and remotes are lost.


Solutions That We Offer

We can offer same day 1 visit solutions to most rover key problems whether all keys and remotes are lost, or its just a spare remote or key you require. We can remove broken keys and cut new keys as well as gain swift entry if keys are locked in the vehicle.

Replacement  Remotes

If all keys and remotes are lost, this poses no problem to us, we will come to the vehicle, pick and decode the vehicles lock then cut Replacement car keys  then program the new keys to the vehicle whilst doing so we also delete any remotes not in your possession from the vehicles memory

Spare Rover Remotes

We offer the same high level of service when cutting and programming a spare remote and key for your rover vehicle.


Broken and Snapped Keys

Rover key blades do have a tendency to snap when old or worn, and of course they snap in the lock at inconvenient times. We can come to the car, extract the broken key from the lock and cut a new key in one quick same day visit.

Keys Locked Inside your Rover Vehicle

If you require quick damage free entry to your Rover vehicle, our auto locksmiths are expert lock pickers they will pick open your vehicles lock using delicate lock picks, normally in just a few minutes and completely damage free.

Contact Us for Immediate Assistance

Struggling with lost or broken Rover or MG car keys? Don’t let it ruin your day! Contact Nottingham Car Keys now for a quick, affordable, and hassle-free solution!

Getting a firm quote is simple! You can telephone our office on 01159843133 or click the online quote form to receive a quote all by email.

For more information about the services we offer, please visit our services page. If you have lost your car keys and need a replacement, explore our Lost Car Keys Replaced page for assistance.

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