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FAQS about car keys

Posted on: February 19th, 2022 by Martin Pink

FAQS about car keys – Part 1

People often have questions about their lost car keys. Below is part one of our answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.

how to replace lost car keys?

you have 2 real options for replacing lost car keys , 1) is to order the new key from the main dealership for your vehicle make and your vehicle to them to program the new key , which can be expensive if all keys are lost .

2) is to engage the services of a competent auto locksmith who will come to your stranded vehicle abd program the replacement keys at the vehicle in a single visit often same day.

what to do lost car key?

a number of options exist for replacing lost car keys , you can go the the main dealership who can replace your lost key though if all keys lost you will need to recover your car to them which can incur additional costs and you may have to wait betweeen 7 and 28 days for the new key. The quickest and most cost effective way to replace your lost car keys is to use a local auto locksmith service who will be able to replace lost keys on the same or next day , incurring no additional recovery costs as they will come to your car and complete the job at the vehicle in 1 visit , and normally cheaper than the main dealer.

how much to replace a lost car key?

You can engage the services of a good auto locksmith who will come to your vehicle , decode the locks then cut and program replacement car keys as well as disable or delte the keys you have lost in case they have fallen into the wrong hands.

how much does it cost to replace a lost car key?

with so many different manufacturers and models using very different car keys it is impossible to state a fixed price , the services of an auto locksmith will normally be cheaper than ordering from the main dealership and normally far quicker , manual keys tend to range between £60 and £150 , remote keys between £120 and £250 and keyless smart keys between £150 and £600 dependent on make model and year of vehicle.

lost car keys price

the cost of replacing lost cars differs greatly from model to model and can range between £60 and £600 dependent on vehicle , key type and complexity , also worth mentioning the abundance of very cheap car keys offered by some may not be the bargain you imagined , there are a lot of very poor quality chinese counterfeit keys on the market that will soon fail.

can you replace lost car keys?

Yes we can replace lost car keys for 95% of vehicles on the road today , we can replace most lost car keys same day or next day .

is key replacement covered by insurance?

some insurance policies have key cover included its worth checking your policy documents to see if you have this cover , if not then some insurers and groups like The AA offer key cover policies to cover your keys which is a wise investment , normally you would pay the auto locksmith and then claim the cost back from your insurer.

does car insurance cover for lost keys?

some insurers offer key cover as standard , some offer this as a paid for extra and some dont offer this at all , you need to read your policy documents and schedule to see if you have this cover

how to get lost car keys replaced?

you can recover your vehicle to the main dealer and wait 7 to 10 days for the new key , or we as an auto locksmith can normally come to your car and replace your lost keys on the same day or the next day at the roadside in one quick visit to the car .

lost car key where can I get a replacement?

If all keys are lost , we can normally come to your stranded vehicle on the same day or the next day and program replacement car keys , alternatively you can get new keys from the main dealership ,


Hyundai i800 remote keys

Posted on: September 17th, 2020 by Martin Pink

Hyundai i800 Keys

Nottingham car keys supply cut and program replacement hyundai i800 remote keys even when all keys are lost .

Hyundai i800 remote keyshyundai i800 key

whether you need a spare key or you have lost all keys , we can normally supply cut and program a new hyundai i800 remote key on the same day or next day , and we come to your vehicle to do this at your home or at your place of work or in the case of all keys lost to where ever the vehicle is stranded .

We hold a stock of these original hyundai i800 remote keys all in original manufacturer packaging , to enable us to respond quickly across Nottingham , leicester and derby .

when available we also offer a cheaper aftermarket option for the i800 remote key.

when called to a hyundai i800 we can normally respond same day and typically once at the vehicle we complete the job inside of 30 minutes .

so for a quote on your i800 key simply fill in an online quote form or ring 01159843133 for a quote by phone .

Nottingham car keys stock a wide range of original hyundai remote keys , flip keys and keyless smart keys for the vast majority of hyundai vehicles , holding high stock levels allows us to respond quickly , often on the same day . In addition we also stock a large range of cheap aftermarket flip key options for a range of hyundai models . view our Hyundai Car Keys page

we cover most of the popular hyundai models including , i800 , i10 , i20 , i30 , i40 , ix20 , ix35 , sante fe and tucson models , we always advise original keys but also stock a range of high quality aftermarket flip remote keys for a lot of these models .

so getting a spare key or a replacement key couldnt be easier , simply fill in the online quote form or ring 01159843133 for nottinghams specialist hyundai car key provider.

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