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Fiat car keys and fiat remote keys

Posted on: April 28th, 2021 by Martin Pink

Nottingham car keys carry a large stock of fiat car keys and fiat remote keys , we can normally offer a same day or next day service , even when all keys are lost and you have no keys at all .

fiat 500x keyless remotefiat 500x flip keyfiat flip keyfiat remote

we carry remote keys for most models of fiat car , van and motorhome in stock , which allows us to offer a fast same day or next day service regardless whether you require a replacement fiat remote key , spare fiat remote key or if all keys are lost and you have no keys .


We can supply cut and program new keys including remote keys for most makes and model of fiat car , including ;

Fiat 500X , Fiat 500L , Fiat 500 , Fiat Tipo , Fiat Punto , Fiat Punto evo , Fiat Grand Punto as well as most other fiat car models from 1995 to current models.


we realise that tradesmen and businesses rely heavily on their vans to keep work and business moving , we strive to offer a same day or next day service on supplying new fiat van keys even when all keys are lost , we work on most Fiat Vans including ;

Fiat Ducato , Fiat Doblo and Fiat Scudo remote keys are normally in stock .

Fiat Based Motorhomes

The fiat ducato chassis , cab and system has been a reliable and popular choice for motorhomes , We can supply new remote keys and new manual keys for most fiat based motorhomes and camper vans .

as we hold these keys in stock we can normally offer a same day or next day service , even when all keys are lost.

Lost Fiat Car Keys

When you have lost your only fiat remote key , it can seem like the world is ending , but it isnt the case , due to carrying a large stock of fiat remote keys and fiat manual keys in stock , we can normally supply you with new keys on the same day or next day , and all in just 1 quick visit to the vehicle.

when all keys are lost , we can dispatch a skilled technician in a fully equipped service van to your stranded vehicle , where he will pick and decode the vehicles locks and cut the correct key , he will then read the programming data from the vehicle , precode the keys and then program the keys to your vehicle .

Typically in an all keys lost situation , our technicians will have you back on the road with new keys within 30 to 40 minutes of ariving at your vehicles location .

Spare Fiat Keys

we try and offer the same fast same day or next day service for spare keys as well , we come to your home or work place and complete the job at your car , typically a spare key job is completed in under 40 minutes from arival at your car.

Keys locked inside your vehicle

We specialise in fast non destructive entry to most fiat vehicles , we dispatch a technician to your vehicles location where he will pick open the vehicles lock , typically we will gain entry within minutes of arrival with absolutely no damage to the vehicle at all .

Nottingham car keys specialise in keys for Fiat vehicles on most models from 1995 to current models , getting a quote couldnt be any easier , simply click the online quote link on our site and fill in the quote form , or call on 01159843133 , where we will give you a fast and firm quote with no hidden extras.

Nottingham car keys only supply original car keys and high quality fully tested aftermarket remote keys , we do not sell the tacky counterfeit keys found online as far too unreliable , as such we guarantee every key we supply and our technicians are all fully insured , fully trained with a minimum of 15 years of experience each .


Fiat 500X keys & Fiat Tipo keys

Posted on: April 1st, 2021 by Martin Pink

we hold in stock , so supply cut and program new replacement Fiat 500X keys , even when all keys are lost or stolen , as we carry these keys in stock we can normally offer a same day or next day service .

fiat 500x keysFiat 500X smart key

Fiat Flip Remote Key

the flip remote key for the fiat 500X and the Fiat Tipo models come in 2 button formats , 3 button with Lock , Unlock and Boot release buttons and 4 button with lock , unlock , boot release and lights buttons , we carry both versions in stock so can normally offer a very fast replacement key service .

Fiat Smart keys 

The Fiat 500X and Tipo models also have some models that use a smart key for keyless start models , we also carry these in stock so can offer a fast replacement key service .

Fiat 500X keys are always in stock , no matter if a spare key or all keys are lost or stolen , we can normally offer a fast same day or next day service including out of hours visits.

Huge savings on main dealer prices for fiat 500X keys , to get your quote simply click on the online quote link and fill in the form and we will quote you by email , or ring 01159843133 where we will happily quote you over the phone .

we also carry a full range of Fiat car keys , Fiat Van Keys and keyless start keys in stock for most makes and model of Fiat cars and vans , so matter what Fiat vehicle you own , we can normally offer a fast same day service to replace your keys .

Models we most commonly work on are , Fiat 500 , Fiat 500L , Fiat 500X , Fiat Tipo , Fiat Punto evo , Fiat grand punto , Fiat ducato and many more , we can replace most fiat keys covering Nottingham , Leicester and Derby.

Mercedes Sprinter van keys

Posted on: November 12th, 2020 by Martin Pink

Nottingham Car Keys supply cut and program spare keys for your mercedes sprinter van keys  as well as mercedes vito van keys as well .

mercedes sprinter van keysMercedes Vito keys

we can supply cut and program spare mercedes sprinter keys and spare mercedes vito keys normally on the same day and the job takes around 45 minutes to complete once we are at the vehicle.

having a spare sprinter or vito key while you still have a working key is far cheaper than if all keys are lost or broken , so if down to just 1 key then its advisable to get yourself a spare key .

we understand that vans are workhorses and it can be a problem organising the downtime to have it worked on as if its not out working then it isnt earning , so to make this easier for our customers we work 7 days a week , we are a fully mobile service so we come to the vehicle at your home or workplace and do the job at the roadside in one quick visit of under an hour .

the technician comes to you and your vehicle in a fully equipped service vehicle , he needs your van and the existing key while he works on it , he will plug into the vehicle and program the new key then cut a new emergency bypass key to go into the new key , all work is carried out at the vehicle in just 1 quick visit and we can often offer a same day service if not next day.

Mercedes Sprinter van keys & Mercedes vito van keys are always in stock 7 days a week .

sprinter keysspare sprinter key

Getting a quote for your spare mercedes sprinter key or your spare mercedes vito key couldnt be simpler , you can either click the online quote form and we will respond by email with your quote or simply ring 01159843133 and we can quote you by telephone .


Hyundai i800 remote keys

Posted on: September 17th, 2020 by Martin Pink

Nottingham car keys supply cut and program replacement hyundai i800 remote keys even when all keys are lost .

Hyundai i800 remote keyshyundai i800 key

whether you need a spare key or you have lost all keys , we can normally supply cut and program a new hyundai i800 remote key on the same day or next day , and we come to your vehicle to do this at your home or at your place of work or in the case of all keys lost to where ever the vehicle is stranded .

We hold a stock of these original hyundai i800 remote keys all in original manufacturer packaging , to enable us to respond quickly across Nottingham , leicester and derby .

when available we also offer a cheaper aftermarket option for the i800 remote key.

when called to a hyundai i800 we can normally respond same day and typically once at the vehicle we complete the job inside of 30 minutes .

so for a quote on your i800 key simply fill in an online quote form or ring 01159843133 for a quote by phone .

Nottingham car keys stock a wide range of original hyundai remote keys , flip keys and keyless smart keys for the vast majority of hyundai vehicles , holding high stock levels allows us to respond quickly , often on the same day . In addition we also stock a large range of cheap aftermarket flip key options for a range of hyundai models .

we cover most of the popular hyundai models including , i800 , i10 , i20 , i30 , i40 , ix20 , ix35 , sante fe and tucson models , we always advise original keys but also stock a range of high quality aftermarket flip remote keys for alot of these models .

so getting a spare key or a replacement key couldnt be easier , simply fill in the online quote form or ring 01159843133 for nottinghams specialist hyundai car key provider.

New VW , Seat and Skoda flip keys

Posted on: April 28th, 2020 by Martin Pink

We have in stock a new range of Golf Mk7 style flip remote keys , these robust and stylish flip remote keys are styled on the newer VW , Seat and skoda flip key , they are an ideal key upgrade for older VW , Seat and Skoda models of vehicle .

if you have a 2001 to 2012 model of VW , Seat and skoda and would like to upgrade to the newer 2014 style of flip remote key then this is the solution for you . these stylish flip keys can be programmed to most VW , Seat and skoda vehicles from 2001 to 2012 years that use the older style 3 button flip remote key . they can also be programmed to models that only use the 2 button flip key like mk4 golf , fabia and ibiza models , though if a 2 button model the boot release wont be a working button on the new remote .

you can request a quote by our online quote form , telephone or by email .

these keys can also be used on a number of other makes of vehicle as well and not just vw , seat and skoda .

Corona virus update to services

Posted on: March 17th, 2020 by Martin Pink

Ok with the current corona virus situation , we can confirm that at present we are working normally , if this changes or if we need to limit services we will advise at the time , but at present we are working normally for your car key needs and out of hours emergency service is still available , but i must stress we are only covering emergency calls out of hours.

our locksmiths are currently instructed to wear surgical gloves and use hand sanitizer between jobs and are washing hands as often as is possible between calls , they will do their best to keep a safe distance and the tools and the card machine are cleaned with bacterial wipes after each use and your new key is also cleaned with a wipe prior to giving it to you  .

so at present we are following advice and running our normal services and will advise as and when this needs to change

The difference between some cheap keys online

Posted on: February 28th, 2020 by Martin Pink

we hear all the time about people offering cheap keys on facebook selling pages and often get asked why we cant or wont price match these , the answer is simple if not long winded.

  1. some of the online services offering cheap car keys are offering cheap low quality chinese counterfeit keys , they may look like original keys , but many are poor quality pure conterfeits that are likely to fail within a short time .  we as a legitimate business have to offer guarantees on the products we sell to you , guarantees that as a legitimate business we must honour , not everyone trading honour the guarantee they give if giving one at all . where we offer the option of aftermarket keys , we will only supply aftermarket keys that we have tested fully and that we can be confident we can offer a guarantee on.
  2. some services found online can offer cheap prices as not legitimate businesses and not registered with HMRC , these will normally operate cash in hand , with such traders you have no guarantees should the key fail , they can offer low prices as not paying any income tax , vat etc , a legitimate business must pay the taxes of the land and must invoice and guarantee what they sell to you .
  3. diagnostic equipment that is needed to program your car key is very expensive , many of these online services use and rely on cheap chinese counterfeit equipment rather than proven and tested expensive equipment , should the worst happen and your car be damaged then you have no come back on a business if they are not a legitimate business with proper insurance .
  4. proper liability insurance , professional indemnity insurance and insurance that covers you to work on a vehicle at the road side is expensive , many of these cheap cash in hand services that rely on chinese counterfeit keys and using chinese counterfeit equipment will have no insurance at all , so in the event your car is damaged you will have no recourse .

we have seen a number of cheap key suppliers set up over the years , they hit the social media selling pages , they then vanish , we then see them appear a little later with a different name and phone number , one we have seen with 5 different trading names and phone numbers over a 12 month period .

How do you ensure you only get a legitimate business that is fully insured , using safe tested and proven equipment and that guarantee their products and work ?

  1. a legitimate business will not ask or agree to a cash in hand job
  2. a legitimate business will always supply an invoice/reciept for what you have purchased , this invoice/reciept will include their trading name , trading address , and if vat registered a vat registration number , the job will be itemised , it will state the cost and its wise to ask for the guarantee period to be written on this as well .
  3. most legitimate businesses will have a valid landline number as well as a mobile number if applicable , but some legitimate small businesses do just list a mobile number

so the reason we cant price match the cash in hand online sellers is simple ;

  1. we will only sell you original keys with a full years guarantee or aftermarket keys that we trust and we will write the guarantee period for these on your invoice , some aftermarket keys have 3 months guarantee , some 6 months guarantee , but we make it crystal clear up front what the guarantee period is.
  2. we are fully insured to work on vehicles at the roadside , we also have full liability and professional indemnity insurance as well.
  3. as we are a legitimate business we will not take on cash in hand jobs , we pay our taxes and our vat in accordance with the law of this country.
  4. we have industry leading equipment that is at great expense kept fully up to date and never use counterfeit diagnostics on your vehicle .
  5. our technicians are highly skilled with many years of experience in their work
  6. we invoice every job , you will always be given an invoice with no exceptions

if a cheap job is what you require then that is your choice , but be aware of the risks and pitfalls of saving a small amount of money and what this may cost you long term , we wont compramise our standards or the quality of what we supply you to get it to you and we wont break the law by avoiding taxation , we will offer a guarantee on every job we do as you would expect from a legitimate buisiness , we never offer a different price for cash .

Nottingham auto locksmiths

Posted on: April 17th, 2019 by Martin Pink

Another late night last night , 2 x late night jobs in Leicestershire attended and resolved by nottingham car keys .

Job 1

Keys locked in the boot of a 2015 Audi A4 , our Nottingham auto locksmiths attended the vehicle in a country park and proceeded to pick open the vehicle damage free and retrieve the keys to get the owner back on the road , keys were retrieved within 5 mins of arriving on site .

Job 2

All keys lost on 1999 Audi A4 estate , our nottingham auto locksmiths attended the vehicle at the customers home at 1030pm , picked and decoded the locks then supplied cut and programmed new keys so that the customer could get to work in the morning .

Nottingham car keys and their team of Nottingham auto locksmiths specialise in gaining fast damage free entry to most vehicles as well as the supply cut and programming of replacement car keys on most makes models , even when all keys are lost , and at all hours of the day and night .

if you are locked out of your vehicle , lost all keys for your vehicle or simply require a spare car key for your vehicle , simply call 01159 843133 for a quote and a fast solution .

Hyundai & Kia Car Keys

Posted on: April 10th, 2019 by Martin Pink

Nottingham Car Keys supply cut and program a wide range of Hyundai & Kia Car Keys , even when all keys are lost or stolen , in fact when all keys are lost or stolen we can normally offer a same day or next day service to supply cut and program replacement Hyundai & kia car keys .

We stock a wide range of Genuine Hyundai & Kia Car keys

We carry a large stock of genuine Hyundai & Kia flip remote keys for models up to current day , although some we must still order in for you , many are held in stock so we can provide a fast same day service to replace lost keys or broken keys.

We also stock a range ofLow cost but High quality aftermarket Hyundai & Kia Flip Remote Keys 

These High quality aftermarket Hyundai & Kia remote keys are extremely reliable and of an excellent durable quality as well as being cosmetically attractive as well , they offer a perfect solution for those on a tighter budget or for those wanting a cheaper spare key with full remote functions , an excellent low cost solution for replacement Hyundai & Kia car keys.

Replacement Hyundai remote keys , Replacement Kia remote keys , lost Kia remote keys , Lost Hyundai Remote keys , spare Hyundai remote key , spare Kia remote key , all supplied cut and programmed , normally same day if required .

getting a quote couldnt be easier , simple

fill out an online quote form , email us or call us on 01159 843133 for a quote.

Keys Locked In Boot Of 2004 Ford Focus

Posted on: January 28th, 2019 by Martin Pink

we have just attended a customer who had their keys locked inside the boot of their ford focus and needed to return to London .

yesterday they had the recovery service out who failed to gain entry so booked them a visit from another locksmith in Nottingham , the locksmith failed to gain entry stating that the drivers door lock was not correctly aligned and was broken internally so couldnt be opened , also that the boot lock was siezed solid and couldnt be opened either and left .

the customer called Nottingham car keys , our auto locksmith attended this morning and picked the lock open in under 30 seconds to get a happy customer back on their long journey home .

both locks were in full working order with nothing wrong with either lock , had they called us yesterday they would have been on their way home yesterday , without the unnecessary worry that their locks were broken which was not the case .

Always pays to select a skilled auto locksmith in such situations , Nottingham car keys simply get the job done .

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